Apply for the 2010-2011 American Atheists Scholarship January 3, 2011

Apply for the 2010-2011 American Atheists Scholarship

If you’re a college student (or a high school senior about to enter college), the deadline for the American Atheists Founders’ Scholarship is January 31st.

If you’ve done any activism this past year individually or with a group, if you’ve written letters-to-the-editor which were published, if you were an outspoken atheist in some way or another, you should think about applying.

The winner receives a $2,000 scholarship.

I’ve had the good fortune of knowing several of the past winners (and was one myself a few years back) and I can safely say this is all about your activism and not all about your essay. This is a scholarship where your actions really do speak louder than your words. So let AA know what you’ve been doing and may the most deserving person win the award 🙂

(via Secular Student Alliance)

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  • Erin

    Kinda disappointed I haven’t been able to do any activism in my area, having a toddler makes it hard to organize things and my college doesn’t have a SSA 🙁

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