Homeopathic College Rings NASDAQ Bell December 31, 2010

Homeopathic College Rings NASDAQ Bell

I know the NASDAQ Stock Market bell is often rung by celebrities (so much for taking it seriously), but why are they lending any sort of credibility to the American Medical College of Homeopathy?

I know the stock market has problems, but giving the honor to a group that profits off of ignorance and pseudoscience sets a bad precedence.

Who’s ringing the bell next? Psychics? Ghosthunters? Astrologists?

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  • Anonymous

    I vote for reiki. They can ring the bell by just waving their hands over it.

  • HP

    Isn’t profiting off of ignorance the whole point of the Stock Exchange?

  • In the homeopathic model of stock values, penny stocks should be much more valuable than blue chip stocks. What would a 30c valuation of the College of Homeopathy be?

    It doesn’t look like they are listed. Can anyone ring the NASDAQ bell? Maybe a freethought group should do it.

  • Nakor

    I do believe HP just won the thread. XD

  • Sean Santos

    Damn, HP beat me to it. Well played, sir.

  • tim


    what to show your ignorance of how stock exchanges function.

  • Philbert

    They later announced plans to retire after buying 10^-34 shares of Google

  • Richard P.

    It just fits like a glove. It seems to be a perfect reflection of the market. Isn’t this just what they do. Dilute shit down to nothing and sell it off. Then blame the customer when it doesn’t work.

    The symbolism is magnificent.

  • Whenever I see video of ringing the stock exchange bell, I wonder what the people are applauding. It doesn’t matter whether the market had a good day or a bad one…bell…salivateclap.

  • Anonymous
  • HP

    @tim, well, it was a throwaway gag, not meant for much more than a spit-take, but it seems to have struck a nerve with other commenters.

    Would you care to tell the rest of us how we might determine that the investor class is a) ethical, and b) intelligent? ‘Cause from the outside looking in, y’all look like a bunch of morons and psychopaths.

  • JD

    The cast of Jersey Shore rang the bell once, so I don’t see how homeopathy is so different.

  • Bob

    It’s all funny money. My retirement plan includes (at the largesse of the company) *stock options*.

    Which issued at $50+/share. The company is now valued at barely HALF that, meaning I would actually LOSE money if I exercised them. Several of those options have now expired.

    So, likening the market to homeopathy ain’t far off in my book.

    The company gave me the functional equivalent of a homeopathic solution for my retirement.

  • HP

    @Anonymous: Fuck, yeah. No need for words, amirite?

  • Ooh, Soul Train has a DVD box set!!! Now I’m glad I bothered to read the comments. Thank you, Anonymous. That’s one of my favorite songs (maybe explains why I’m financially challenged) and very apt here.

    The hours of my youth thrown away watching “Soul Train” were much better spent than the hours of my youth wasted squirming uncomfortably in church.

    Far more important than the stock market bell and who rings it. (As in, who really gives a crap?)

  • Damn it, now I need $150. Actually $300 because I made a resolution to not spend money on stuff I don’t need without matching to charity.

    Still, this sucker is bookmarked.

  • Ryan

    Pretty sure that you have to pay to ring the bell now.

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