Site’s Slowness December 29, 2010

Site’s Slowness

I know it’s very slow to load. I’m looking into it. Thanks for your patience.

"It's like Highlander.You're not supposed to duel on Holy Ground."

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"They never are. Even when they yell NI**ER!"

Michigan Man Pleads Guilty After Threatening ..."

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  • Rich Wilson

    I think Ken Ham decided to DoS your site so you couldn’t recruit any undercover reporters.

  • Sean

    Your fine site is always slow for mobile devices on 3G.

  • I have YSlow in my browser – he says “1230K” to load page from an empty cache, no compression, no expires headers.

    On most web server enabling gzip compression, and expiry information for relevant files is a couple of configuration entries. i.e. Almost no work, and it will cut your bandwidth bill. Sometimes it needs a little judgement on what can have a long expiry.

    WordPress stats, statcounter and google analytics? You must really want to know who visits your site, I don’t believe the others add anything over Google Analytics.

    Try Google Page speed or Yahoo YSlow – both available as browser plugins for Firefox for some other ideas.

    YSlow claims some of your etags are broke, but that is getting a little technical. Start with compression and expires headers….