I Need a Couple Undercover Reporters… December 29, 2010

I Need a Couple Undercover Reporters…

A few months ago, I sent undercover agents to the Americans for Truth About Homosexuality anti-gay-rights “Truth Academy.” Their reports are here, here, and here.

That was enlightening and informative. It’s always good to know first-hand what the other side is talking about (so we’re not accused of taking them out of context). The project worked because the agents were educated (so they knew bullshit when they heard it) and good communicators (so their reports were very thorough and they made me feel like I was there).

Now, I’d like to do it again.

Ken Ham, the guy behind the Creation Museum, and his group Answers in Genesis are running an “Apologetics Mega Conference.” Speakers include a whole assortment of people who believe in Young Earth Creationism.

It takes place in Northern Kentucky July 18th–22nd, 2011. That’s a Monday through Friday.

I want you to go there. I want you to tell us what they say (especially when it’s so demonstrably untrue). I want to know how they’re indoctrinating children. I want to know what else you see and hear over the course of the week.

However, I realize this is a big commitment.

What I’m hoping is that there may be a couple of you who live nearby and would consider doing this anyway. Maybe you’re just curious about what goes on at one of these conferences or you’re a college student looking for something interesting to do this summer.

If you’re willing to write about your experience for this site, I’ll cover the cost of your registration. In fact, I’ll cover registration for two of you (so you can have an ally there).

You’d go, takes notes during the day, and send me reports at night. I would edit them for clarity and post them here. You can do this using your real name or anonymously.

Remember: I don’t want people to go there to start a fight mid-lecture or embarrass some random attendee. You’re not even there to protest what you hear. I want people to go there so they can tell the world about this group’s warped version of reality. You’re there to report what they say when they’re in a room full of “their own kind.”

Again, I know it’s asking a lot. But if this is the sort of thing you’re curious about, perhaps this is the nudge you need to make it happen. I can’t cover hotel/flight costs, but if you’re in the area, this may be perfect for you.

Just email me if you’re interested… I’d be happy to answer your questions.

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  • Hollie Babson

    Thank you. I appreciate the efforts to understand an opposing viewpoint. I look forward to reading about how the next conference goes. Kudos to the previous attendees.

  • Man, I never thought I’d find myself wishing I was in Kentucky…


  • I hope someone’s willing and able to help out. The previous reports were interesting and this would be too.

  • Erin

    If it was in the far west part of Kentucky I might, since I could stay at my grandfather’s place. Alas, Cincinnati is a long drive from Wisconsin.

  • M1n4

    I wish I was in Kentucky too… if you find anything like it in Mexico you can absolutely count me in!

  • Rich Wilson

    Damn my Kentucky born grandmother would have been up for this.

  • Wow. 5 days of 12 hours of listening to that crap is a big commitment. However, in our local homeschooling community, we have a lot of people who might be interested. And, we’re almost local. I’ll pass on the information.

  • Lady Copper

    Oh, that would have have been SO fun! Too bad I’m nowhere near there right now. I’ve been to a Creation conference before and met Ken Ham and Jason Lisle because my parents were discussing a mutual project (small stuff, never really took off). I would totally know how to fit in with the crowd, major bummer that I can’t go! Undercover reporting would be so cool to do… Can’t wait until we can read the reports of whoever goes.

  • Digitus Impudicus

    Next time there is something in the Sacramento area, let me know.

  • Sadly, that is the first week of my classes. Have to teach real science instead of hear fake science.

  • Ubi Dubium

    That’s the weekend of The Amazing Meeting, which we were already planning on attending, so that lets us out. And we have fundie family in that area, and they are probably attending this event already, so my brother-in-law would probably blow our cover.

  • Alan E.

    Remember: I don’t want people to go there to start a fight mid-lecture or embarrass some random attendee. You’re not even there to protest what you hear.

    That will be the toughest part. There will be mistruths and blatant lies, but you can’t do anything about it lest you get caught. Of course, you probably won’t be the only person sending in spies.

  • h20s

    I would totally do it, but it’s Kentucky, and I’m a brown person. Honestly kind of scared to go there from some of the stories I’ve heard from my friends in KY.

  • Lindsay

    I live in Northern KY and will go. I even think i can find an ally to attend with me. I have considered myself a nonbeliever all my life (and yes I grew up in KY), but don’t exactly know all the facts regarding the bible and creationism. I could report back and you could add in your own facts/opinions. By the way h2o, brown people are accepted where i’m from. (which is a few miles from cincy). In fact, most of my boyfriends are brown of some sort. 🙂

  • I may be interested, but it will depend on if I have a job this summer. It’s near home…btw when is the SSA conference?

  • Kailoa

    I would to be a fly on that wall but I don’t think I could pull it off. I’m much more wasp than fly. Besides which I really can’t see giving those people of my hard earned but meager cash flow. Good luck to anyone who sallies forth on this worthy mission.

  • I have relatives who live not far from there in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. I live in Brazil, but it is always possible I could be on a visit there at about that time. I don’t know about 5 days of this though. Does vomiting in disgust count as starting a fight?

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