Why Should You Support the Secular Student Alliance? December 28, 2010

Why Should You Support the Secular Student Alliance?

Because we offer so much to our affiliates 🙂

Ashley Paramore, one of our newest staffers, put together this video that we’ll be sending out to our member groups.

It features Richard Dawkins, Mr. Deity, SSA staffers (including Jesse Galef), and several campus group leaders talking about why the SSA is so important to them.

I’m in there somewhere, too…

If you’d like to help us out, there’s no better time. We’re at 231 groups and growing fast! You can always make a donation to the SSA here.

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  • stevesie

    Great video! Thanks for all that you do SSA!

  • Rieux

    I’ve posted several criticisms of a certain other secular organization on whose board Hemant serves that shall remain nameless, but not this one. SSA is fantastic, and I’m proud to be a donor.

  • GotTheBlues

    I like seeing Arkansas student atheists represent.

  • Reve

    I’m happy to see that the University of Oregon has an athiest group — I’ve considered attending college there.

    Really nice video! I’ll see if I can’t send some money their way.

  • James

    I like seeing Coltara, not only is she atheist, but if her collar is to be believed she is also a submissive. And smart, what a catch.

  • Sweet! Nairobi! I honestly didn’t know SSA was active outside the USA.

  • Claudia

    Words cannot describe how awesome I think it is that there’s a Nairobi branch of the SSA. Pure win.

    Jesse, I had no idea you were Thunderf00t’s younger brother 😉

  • Vas

    I like seeing Coltara, not only is she atheist, but if her collar is to be believed she is also a submissive. And smart, what a catch.

    Don’t read too much into the collar, she may not be a submissive, she my be a switch collared to another switch or a master, or she could be a puppy, or just a punk chick(pronounced “Betty”) or a goth, or emo, or just a plain kinkster who rejects the old guard protocols, or it could be pure fashion. There are lots of reasons to wear a collar, Sid was not a sub and he famously wore a collar with a lock. What ever the reason it is an attention getter. Maybe the collar is for keeping her restrained in the secret atheist indoctrination chamber, (paid for with public funds) that every university in America maintains to convert patriots into Marxists. Damn education is dangerous stuff what with all the brainwashing liberal professors and commie pinko curriculum, all designed to make Jesus sad and the Father angry.
    Someone needs to save that poor mistreated girl and deprogram her, by force if necessary, God still loves her, she needs to hear the good news, she can be a sub for Christ and find true happiness… or not.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    Mr. Deity makes a great video greater. Go SSA!


    Anyways, uh. It’s more-or-less just a personal fashion statement. Honest. Also, glad to be representing freethinking students in Arkansas! This fresh year is going to be a fantastic one, I promise. The Legion of Logic has a lot planned for for NWA.

    …and I have no more words. Happy New Year, thanks for the fascinating commentary and compliments?

    So sorry about making Jesus sad and all that, too. 😀

  • Masha

    Tar’s collar is purely fashion, as far as I’m aware. I won’t get into her personal life, but I can pretty much guarantee you it’s not sexual in any way.

    Eesh did it bother me seeing her being called a “sub” and what a catch. >_>

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