Kids Debate the Existence of Santa December 25, 2010

Kids Debate the Existence of Santa

Replace “Santa” with “God” and it’s like every Atheist/Christian debate you’ve ever seen.

But waaaaaaay more adorable.

The girl’s very cute, but I say Ethan wins!

Also, someone hand over your children NOW so I can recreate this.

(via spricket24 — Thanks to Jin for the link!)

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  • NotYou007

    That was freaking funny and the ending is priceless.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Claudia

    That was absolutely adorable. Robots, robots I tell you!

  • L. Foster

    “Where is the factory?”
    “In China.”

    That was adorable.

  • jesus

    santa`s not real. believe in me if you want gifts this holiday season. i will give you an xbox…. and maybe eternal life but only if you abstain from everything you enjoy(including xbox).

    merry xmas you dirty heathens!

  • By “recreate this” Hemant actually means “have Christmas dinner”.

  • That is so sweet.

  • i’m very annoyed to discover this year, my nephew still is being fed the santa line. it’s just wrong. he understands the basics of science, he’s aware of other religious traditions, he even went to a Jewish pre-school. but his mom and dad have constructed this very elaborate mythology about how santa works, including “he outsources, that’s why it says made in China” and “he’s too busy to bring you what you asked for, be happy he brought you this instead!”

    i really didn’t enjoy this family xmas gathering, i have to say. i may be skipping out in years to come. i just can’t get down with “it’s the season to lie shamelessly to children for our own enjoyment in a moment of consumerist unrestraint!” even if i were religious, such would not appeal to me.

  • It’s nice to see a mom having so much fun with her kids.

  • chicago dyke, maybe he’s figured it out better then you think… When I was a kid and figured out that Santa wasn’t real my parents told me that if my younger sister also didn’t believe in Santa then ‘Santa’ wouldn’t come. I made sure she believed for a long time.

  • Jeanette

    Wow, Santa is a robot overlord? Xmas just got way more awesome…

    Seriously, though, that video was adorable XD

  • liz


    If someone lets you borrow their children, are you going to make them smell your feet?

    because that’s a bit creepy…

  • Daniel

    Ahahaha hilarious.

    I think the most striking similarity to a god debate is when the girl mentioned robots.

    Something along the lines.
    Mom: So HOW does that work?
    Girl: There MAY be robots […].
    Mom: Do you believe that?
    Girl: YES!

    This is just sooo typical for religious people.
    Atheist: So how does that exactly work?
    Believer: *Repeats/Invents something convenient to support his claim* It may be magic.
    Atheist: Magic? Do you really believe that?
    Believer: No, I KNOW it. It IS magic.

    Notice the transition from “it may be” to “it is”. That’s religious truth seeking. Because there may be be some mysterious mechanism that can close the holes in religious circular logic, it HAS to be true.

  • Leoal

    I didn’t think she was the mom, I thought she was an older sibling. She looked pretty young to have a nine and eight year old. Just saying.

  • Great Mom, great kids, healthy debate, lots of fun to watch. 🙂

  • captsam

    it appeared to me that the little girl was given the assignment to be pro santa. and was most inventive with reasoning.

  • Adorable factor of 10. These kids were cute.

    Santa, no Santa, whatever. I was on the kids side at the end when they attacked her for treating them like robots. Get her!

    Chicago Dyke, way too uptight, man. Take a chill pill for Pete’s sake and let a kid be a kid. Santa’s the best lesson in free thought a kid could get. Ever meet a kid who still believes at 9? I haven’t. 8 seems to be the most common age for figuring it out and some do even earlier. A few do but still fake out mommy and daddy for the fun of the game. (And because they think they’d get more presents when the grownups would spoil them at Christmas anyway.)

    Grandson’s 7 and the skeptical questions abounded this year. I bet Santa bites the dust next year. If the Easter Bunny doesn’t first. Hell, he might have survived this December only because he got his first Tooth Fairy visit a couple of days before Christmas.

  • Alexrkr7

    @Leoal She’s 32-33 years old and yes, they are her kids. She also has a baby Lulu, she’s adorable.

  • Poorly organized debate! The pro-Santa side should get more time to give arguments. Still, very cute.

  • That boy is so *strident* and *offensive*! If he doesn’t believe in Santa, that’s his choice (and loss). Why does he have to show such in-your-face aggression towards the believer? After all, he cannot *prove* that Santa doesn’t exist. Surely, the most reasonable position under such circumstances must be agnosticism on the question of Santa’s existence. For the sake of peace and harmony in the world, it is imperative that we urgently find common ground between those who believe in Santa and those who don’t.

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