To Santa or Not To Santa December 24, 2010

To Santa or Not To Santa

Should you tell your kids about Santa? One character struggles with the notion:

Click over to Penny Arcade for the atheist-friendly punchline 🙂

(Thanks to everyone for the link!)

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  • If only you were at Skepticon for Rebecca Watson’s talk…

    And if only the video of it was up so you could see it…

  • Jeff Dale

    Here’s one perspective worth reading.

  • I’ve never understood why people lie to their kids about Santa Claus (or anything else). How can you expect them to be honest with you if you aren’t honest with them?

  • Sure. Teach your kids about Santa. That way they learn that authority figures lie. Better they learn it at home, from you, than out in the cold cruel world.

  • I love Penny Arcade. I saw this last night and thought about zipping you an e-mail, but got lazy. Glad someone else did the job for me 😉

  • L. Foster

    Excellent link, Jeff!

  • And I’ll never get the parents that want kids to act as if every word that comes out of their mouth is gold. Santa’s the best lesson in freethought that could possibly be out there for kids. It is easily figured out by age 8, give or take, and, kids should apply critical thinking to everything they’re told even when it comes from their parents.

    Unless, of course, you think you’re freaking infallible and can never make a mistake and thereby steer your kid wrong.

  • Pseudonym

    Terry Pratchett famously pointed out, people need to believe the small lies, like the Hogfather, so that they can grow up to believe the big lies, like justice.

  • Angie

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