A Simple Way To Get That Snow Off Your Car December 22, 2010

A Simple Way To Get That Snow Off Your Car

Don’t want to brush all the snow off your car in the morning?

Godless Girl figured out a way to get someone else to do it for you at no cost. Just take advantage of anti-atheist prejudice:

What if I wrote a little message on my windows to see what would happen? Many folks write phrases like “Jesus!” and “Wash me!” all over their cars. But what about something a bit more heathen?

You can check out her site to see what happened 12 hours later 🙂

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  • Ben

    LOL! But how to we know the snow simply didn’t fall of given the instability given by carving that into the car…???

  • Whoever removed it, would have to have taken the extra time and care so that it appears to have just fallen off overnight due to the instability to the snow after she wrote into it. Sorry to burst someone’s bubble.
    The tell-tale sign is the tops of some the letters are still visible, and the snow beneath those points is not disturbed in a way that would indicate removal by a sentient entity. The snow looks to have been separated by gravity, nothing more.
    The snow fell off.

  • Steve

    Clearly god removed the snow

  • leeloo

    i would do this if a)it actually sneauxed where i live and b)my car tires wouldn’t be slashed and my car keyed.

  • littlejohn

    Where I live, that would just get the glass broken.

  • Darwin’s Dagger

    Any decent atheist would have to question the existence of this unseen mysterious snow remover that just happened to walk by and was offended by the phrase ‘No Gods.’ More likely the writing of the words loosened the snow and variations in temperature over twelve hour and gravity did the rest. I’ll need a lot more evidence before I believe this is an example of intelligent snow removal.

  • Disconverted

    Looks like the natural world won this battle.

    No more things should be presumed to exist than are absolutely necessary. –William of Occam

  • Richard Wade

    I left this comment for Godless Girl:

    That is hilarious! Definitely do it again, and just to be polite, before you get out of your car, leave a paper note on the inside of the window saying “Thank you for cleaning the snow off of my car. I really appreciate it.” (add a little heart) So they’ll see it when they clean off the snow. Hee hee hee hee hee.

    In this case, it doesn’t matter to me so much whether it was a natural occurrence or a person. The joke was enjoyable.

  • Clearly the work of an “Intelligent Scraper”. Genius.

  • Defiantnonbeliever

    good idea, haha, ‘wash me’, and other ‘graffiti’ in the dust on a car, may protect one from vandalism in that anyone might have done it.

  • NotYou007

    As a person that lives in Maine and we get a lot of snow I’m going with someone cleared it away. Even a very heavy snow just does not fall off your car on its own.

    I know this from having to clean off my car after a heavy wet snow. I sticks like glue.

    You can see claw marks from where it was pulled down. So yes, a person did this, gravity did not.

  • mark

    When it stops raining I’m planning on doing this in the dirt on my car. I wouldn’t mind a free cleaning.

    BTW. I registered for the forum over a week ago. I received the auto response but no actual activation or a “we hate you, rejected” notice. Anyone know what is up?

  • Mark, I’m one of the mods on the forum. What was your user name? I’ll check it out for you. I may have wrong filtered you out as an evil spammer or something. 🙁

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