Atheists Raise Over $42,000 for Doctors Without Borders December 21, 2010

Atheists Raise Over $42,000 for Doctors Without Borders

Last week, I mentioned that the Atheism sub-Reddit had taken up the cause to raise $42,000 for Doctors without Borders — the amount was an homage to Douglas Adams.

This was a friendly competition with the members of the (admittedly less populated) Christianity sub-Reddit, who were donating to the World Vision Clean Water Fund.

Well, our goal has been hit and surpassed!

The goal was met in large part thanks to an incredible $5,000 donation from an anonymous user with the screenname “RandomKindness” — amazing. There were also several donors who gave in excess of $100.

See? It’s easy to be good without god. Let’s do more things like this, please.

(Thanks to everyone for the link!)

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  • So, yay! Clearly, one can be good without god.

    But can one be good without either god or competition?

  • Danny Wuvs Kittens

    Who’s the skinny looking guy to the left of Santa and to the right of Hitchens? I remember him, because I hated him when I was a fundie. Now I want to read one of his books or something.

  • Anonymous

    Danny Wuvs Kittens: Lol, are you trollin’? “Santa” is Daniel Dennett (often mistaken for Darwin XD ), the skinny guy is Sam Harris.

  • Claudia

    @Danny Wuvs Kittens, you’re the first person I’ve heard to express strong (former) feelings about Harris. Hitchens and Dawkins have always been the lightning rods. Dennett is just too ridiculously sweet to properly hate unless you are actually insane.

  • Danny Wuvs Kittens

    I hated Dawkins(and eagerly anticipated his death and eternal torture), even after my deconversion I hated him for no reason. It was only until I watched a documentary by him on faith schools that I began to learn more about him and find that my hatred had no foundation at all. Literally, not an illogical foundation, but no foundation at all.

    I hadn’t heard of Hitchens that I know of. but my only knowledge of either of them was reading a(incredibly tame) wikipedia page. Back then, I was horrified to see the word atheist. I remember being very disappointed when I found that Sam Harris was only 40, and it would be a long time before he died.

    I was really fucked up.

  • Nick Andrew

    Danny – glad you got better since those days.

  • Anonymous

    Danny Wuvs Kittens:
    Your nick is awesome and your posts here have made me optimistic about humanity. Thanks.

    Dennett is just too ridiculously sweet to properly hate unless you are actually insane.

    Hahahaha QFT.

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