Christian Group Executes Santa December 19, 2010

Christian Group Executes Santa

Repent Amarillo, a Christian extremist group with a crazy website, has a Christmas message for everyone. It involves Santa Claus getting shot at by a firing squad:

Of course, as they say in the video, this is all in good fun. They abhor violence. (Can’t you tell?) It was alllllll a fun little joke.

That explains why you’re laughing uproariously… (What? You’re not? My bad.)

Based on the man’s hoodie, Repent Amarillo also wishes to send another message: fuck peaceful coexistence.

Have fun running into your nearest church now that you’ve converted.

(Thanks, I think, to Jerri for the link)

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  • Richard Wade

    Jesus would be proud. Such a beautiful, loving metaphor to promote his message of good will to all men. I can understand this guy’s objection to commercialization and materialism co-opting his holiday, but his illustration conflicts with his prophet’s best teaching. “As you have done to the least of the piñatas, so you have done to me.”

    The hoodie says what’s really in this thug’s mind.

  • Wow, would my fundie nutjob mother have ever loved this church!!! We weren’t allowed to believe in the evil, evil Santa as a kid.

    Taking the war on Christmas to scary new heights. I’m gonna have nightmares tonight, Hemant. Residue side affects from the fundie nutjob mother, in part.

    But it does sort of seem not only are they saying fuck coexisting but raising an army of Christian soldiers. This video is meant to send a message loud and clear and intimidate.

    I’m running off to You Tube to report it now.

  • Miko

    I’d say the scariest part has to be the symbol on the shirt, especially in the context of what they’ve demonstrated that they do to those that disagree with.

  • Jerri

    Ya, it’s me! Thank you for posting it! These guys are insane and driving this city crazy. They’ve stalked random places saying they are “demonic strongholds”. Like a coffee shop, and a nature center. INSANE!

  • jose

    It’s been a big disappointment when I’ve visited their web and realized it’s actually pretty neat and well designed. Crazies should always have shitty, geocitiesesque with big font size and animated gifs all over the place. At least one construction worker gif should be required by law.

  • fea24

    It’s ridiculous. But I do sort of agree that it’s time Christians took responsibility for what Christmas has become.

  • But Santa’s message is spot-on: Jesus is Santa Claus for all ages.

  • These people are allowed guns? Only in America.

  • lalib

    Is it just me or did they miss on the second volley(2:14)?

  • Nakor

    Y’know, they could’ve just put up a video saying that we should give to the poor and needy instead of giving to each other… and it could’ve been a really positive video that way… instead they have to come out in those hoodies and shoot up a Santa pinata, and then lie through their teeth claiming they don’t hate, and talking about how it being about anything other than Jesus is terrible. *sigh*

  • RiftchaserMej

    I’d place these guys in the same category as the WBC; they’re detestable by both non-Christians and mainstream Christians not for twisting the Bible but for following it. Fundies like this make things easier for atheists; their commitment to citing biblical sources reminds us all how ludicrous a document it is.

  • JD

    They’re want to move us forward to medieval times. Or was that backward? Doing a mock execution and with the t-shirt crossed out says they’re opposed to peacefully living with people of different faiths, not exactly giving me any confidence that these are peaceful people.

  • Jeeze. That was so disappointing. They could of at least demolished the santa pinata instead of putting a couple hardly noticeable holes in it. C’MON!

  • Rob

    Is it just me or did they miss on the second volley(2:14)?

    You’re right, that was some pretty lousy shooting at times. I don’t know how many gunowners read this blog, but if they miss a (roughly) man-sized target at five yards I don’t think Santa has much to worry about.

  • NotYou007

    Just remember folks. Not everyone who is into firearms is a crazy right wing Christian.

    I think it would be nice if the Christians gave the Pegans back their holiday. They did hijack the month.

  • Nakor

    I’d be happy if they just let everyone share it. The solstice is a natural event. It’s the day of the year when days stop getting shorter and start getting longer again. If that’s not a good reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is. 😛

  • Heidi

    Am I the only one who couldn’t hear the audio?

  • bLaKouT

    I went and flagged this video as violent and hateful toward religious groups. (belief in Santa isn’t a religion you say? It’s at least as much so as believing in the magic man in the sky!).

  • NotYou007

    Why do I always screw up the word Pagan? For some reason my fingers love to stick an E where an A should be.

    Heidi Says:

    December 19th, 2010 at 6:30 pm
    Am I the only one who couldn’t hear the audio?

    You have to turn your speakers up really loud but you didn’t miss much. The wind was blowing really hard.

  • Rebecca

    I wonder what they would say if an atheist group or whatever would shoot up a jesus pinata? You know, all in good fun, as a little joke? Turn about is fair play.

  • Did anyone else have a little chuckle when he asked Santa if he had any last words and then went, (paraphrasing as I don’t really want to watch it again) “Oh yeah, that’s right, you can’t talk because you’re not real!”

    I was glad I’d put my drink down, I would have snorted it laughing at how upset he was that kids like their imaginary friend Santa more than his imaginary friend Jesus.

  • ethinethin


    I went and flagged this video as violent and hateful toward religious groups.

    Since when has censorship been the answer? Isn’t that how the fundies respond to science videos on youtube?

  • kwieser

    I do find the Prayer Map on their site to be a useful resource for finding the strip clubs and adult video stores in Amarillo. 😉

  • RanieDae

    One thing that has always worried me about this guy is he is a security guard at a federal (Department of Energy) nuclear arms plant. This is scary for a number of reasons:

    1. He is goes through regular firearm training to ward off any possible attacks on our nuclear stockpile and thus should be a better shot.

    2. He is around nuclear weapons on a daily basis.

    3. As a security guard at a nuclear weapons plant, he is charged with the duty to protect the workers at the plant (Pantex) and the citizens in the surrounding communities, from extremists and other nut jobs that desire to cause harm to others.

    Anyone else, after viewing this video, see the conflict of interest here?

  • Jeff


    Need one say more?

  • Danny Wuvs Kittens

    I’m not scared. A drawer full of ammo and my Mossberg500A1 means I’m going to sleep peacefully tonight.

  • If I’m a fervent believer in Santa Claus and I’m offended at his blatant disrespect for me, would he give a damn? I think not.

    But let us put up one single billboard that doesn’t even mention Christians (such as “Millions are good without God”) and suddenly they are so offended they can’t see straight. Or shoot straight. Or think straight.

    Oh nvm.

  • Lizzy

    Am I the only one amused by his repeated butchering of the phrase coup de grace?

  • Andrew Morgan

    FWIW, I think those Coexist stickers represent a kind of mindlessness that I don’t find appealing either. The “why can’t we all just get along” types that I usually run into aren’t typically very intellectually deep.

  • Lucas

    I don’t know how many gunowners read this blog, but if they miss a (roughly) man-sized target at five yards I don’t think Santa has much to worry about.

    People and objects around Santa would have plenty to worry about, though.

    Also, I find it neat that there are a few other gun-owning atheists and skeptics around here.

  • This is definitely the kind of stuff that makes us take a few steps back from Christianity. I have no idea what they think their intention was, but they’ve made quite an impact.

  • Richard P.

    What those bastards think they can screw with Santa
    Screw them, I’m gonna hang there jesus on a cross.

  • Anna

    The crayon-scroll was very funny, I was wondering if it was written with crayon. And I liked how Santa kept on smiling through most of the shots, which were aimed quite poorly. The whole thing is quite funny, except for the shirts which creeped me out. Crazy people and guns should not be allowed to mix.

  • Revyloution

    Im with ethinethin. Point and laugh, engage and dialog, reply in kind, but don’t censor.

    Reporting to have videos like this banned won’t help. Having them derided and mocked publicly will have a much better effect on them. When someone feels they are being silenced, they only speak louder. When they think everyone is laughing at them, then they will slink back the dark places they live.

  • Due to the material construction of the Santa piñata and the way it was anchored, the high velocity bullets probably just went right through without doing much more than punching a small hole. I don’t think they were missing. The only thing that would have made a big show would have been a 12-gauge bird-shot with all the BBs.

    I also see that they cleverly didn’t have the X crossing out the cross on their hoodies. They seemed like good Christian folk who care a lot about people who believe exactly like they do.

  • I’ll let jebus do the talking:

    Matthew 10:34
    Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

  • Alt 3

    He says it “coop dee grace”. If I clench my jaw any harder I’m going to crack a tooth.

  • Rob

    I guess Santa is an unlawful combatant?

  • ThatOtherGuy

    I listened to a David Cross routine where he said this once, and I agree… when they start spouting their theological “Jesus was born as a light into a world of darkness” all I can think of it “What kind of retarded bad-D&D-game bullshit is this?” It’s frickin’ FUNNY how stupid that shit is.

  • Dan W

    That guy’s mispronouncing of the phrase “coup de grace” and their poorly done video bothered me almost as much as the fact that gun-toting fundies like these Repent Amarillo bunch claim they “abhor violence” and are peaceful after doing mock executions like this one.

  • Christ on a cracker… *facepalm*

  • liz

    not gonna lie….i laughed.

    I especially liked the part where he asked santa if he had any last words…”of course not, you can’t speak because you don’t exist”…all I could think about is how Jesus doesnt exist as well.


  • liz

    haha..just saw the end credits. did they even watch it before they put this online?

  • I missed the last 20 seconds the first time I watched this. Genius.

  • Nick Andrew

    They’re batshit insane … and either bad shots or they used the wrong ammo to send Santa to the big toyshop in the sky.

    Sigh … this is what happens when you get all your knowledge from only one book … a 2000-year-old book.

  • garsedj

    “If anyone does not love the Lord Jesus Christ. Let him be accused”
    damn, his shirt is a real hymn to tolerance !

  • Sane Sue

    Always nice to see nutbags with guns. I love their shirts, too. SO glad I don’t live anywhere near Texas.

  • well, youtube may not have pulled it, but if i were a mother of young, santa-loving kids i’d complain. that’s got to be traumatizing for the little ones waiting for him this season.

    people like this are why i’ll never go to TX ever again. sorry, it’s just scary down there.

  • Gun totting fat-ass white trash….the best representatives of good ole’ America.

  • “Do you have any last words? Of course you don’t. You can’t talk because you don’t exist.” Wait, are they talking about Santa or God there?

  • Tim

    I like how – so far – no one has commented in support of this video.

    I also love the template pages at the end of the video. Directed By: [Your Name Here], etc.

    Some advice: If you have a message, and want to be taken seriously, take the time and do it right. Don’t wear batshit crazy shirts, don’t do batshit crazy things, don’t mispronounce common phrases, and please, for the love of God (which apparently you have), watch your video at least once through before you hit “publish”.

  • pmsrhino

    Why do people like them gotta make Texas seem like it’s only filled with nutbags? :\ I love my state… I just wish the crazies would gtfo and get another state…

    And if this is the best shooting they can do (and at 5 yards or less) it’s pretty damn pathetic. I’m a much better shot and I don’t even go to the range that often. Since it seems religious nutbags like these seem to be arming for a war I think I’ll keep my gun for now, in case some day I really do need to defend myself. People like this really do scare me. :\

  • I love that Santa just smiles after the first shot. It removes his mustache, showing us his pearly whites.

  • Cortex

    Wait, but aren’t they supposed to worship people who get executed for their teachings? Or does it only work for the one guy?

  • Nate Phelps

    coop day grace! LMAO!!

    What wonderful irony that he yells in Santa’s ear, “you don’t exist!”

  • SeekerLancer

    Battle against anti-Christian beliefs like Santa Claus with anti-Christian beliefs like violence.

    Way to go morons.

  • Maybe they are not extremists and are just acting out after watching Family Guy, American Dad and Simpsons’s christmas episodes (all involved killing and/or shooting Santa).

    Naw.. they are fucking nuts.

  • Bob

    Also, I find it neat that there are a few other gun-owning atheists and skeptics around here.

    Count me in too (concealed license holder in multiple states as well). People like those in the video give responsible gun owners a bad name.

  • But… if there was a Jesus… he wouldn’t have been born in… Fuck it, we’re doomed as a species.

  • They don’t condone violence, eh?

    But they have no problem with getting children to sit down and watch people act violently towards a humanoid toy?


    Besides, you’d think Christians would realize that martyring people kind of diminishes Jesus’ claim to fame, and often works out to be ineffective…

    “If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

  • Vas

    T Ray said,

    I’ll let jebus do the talking:

    Matthew 10:34
    Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

    I’m with that and I’m also with the thought behind the nutters hoodies…

    Based on the man’s hoodie, Repent Amarillo also wishes to send another message: fuck peaceful coexistence.

    I’m with that, Fuck peaceful coexistence with xtian warriors. Point in fact, liberals and atheists in America have gun too, not all of them but plenty of them… Hey militant xtians, care to guess which ones? Yeah I thought not blowhards.

  • Since when did not bearing false witness against your neighbor come to mean generally “do not lie” or specifically do not tell your children sweet stories? And make up your mind, either for Jesus’s birthday you give him a present or you give a present of him to someone else.
    I bet this guy’s still bitter that his parents didn’t go the Santa route so he wants to ruin it for everyone else. Bad man! Bad!

  • brent

    omg!!! He said “coop dee grayce”!!!


    It’s also not about spoiling people’s fun you dickhead!!

  • Olu

    I want commend the Amarillo guys for a wonderful ways of presenting the real meaning of Christmas, while changed the societal perspective towards what is to be celebrated and what is not to be celebrated, every Christmas has become a time where by people mostly emphasise on gifts and gifts and not about the person of the season.Santa Claus symbolism with Christmas only resonate the period,commercialism opprtunity is an avenue for for organisation to maximise their profit.Churches and organisation that are engaged in using Santa Claus for christmas season commercials need to foccus on christ. Parent are equally to explain what christmas means to little ones. Christmas is a unique period that all has come to recognized as the birth of Jesus Christ, who came to save the world from sins and death. Good job guys, more power to your elbow.

  • Jason

    “Guilty for the spreading the lie that you exist”

    Wait…Is that even possible?!

    Ah well, Christians are no strangers to stupendous contradictions.

  • TexasEMTAtheist

    As an Atheist out near Amarillo, I get to hear about the Douchebags all the damn time. They harass people by stalking them and getting them fired from their jobs. They picket a NATURE reserve and any churches who accept homosexuals. I’m all for the first amendment, but seriously, there should be a limit.

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