Catholic Priest: It’s Not Good to Have Imaginary Friends December 19, 2010

Catholic Priest: It’s Not Good to Have Imaginary Friends

I just want to preserve the moment when Father Jonathan Morris says on FOX News, “If you have an imaginary friend, there’s something wrong with you.”

Would anyone like to break the news to him…?

(via Atheist Media Blog)

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  • Disconverted

    ahahaha… Amazing.

  • benjdm

    There goes another irony meter.

  • coyotenose

    I swear to dog, I’m convinced “Father Morris” is actually Dave Foley of “Kids in the Hall”.

    It’s funny how uncomfortable they all get right after he says that.

  • I would love to hear him describe how you tell the difference between real and imaginary friends.

    That would be priceless.

  • I dare say there is a LOT more evidence that Santa is real than God being real. We see the cookies being eaten every year. He’s spotted all around town and even shown on Radar on TV. When was the last time the local new station had this story…”Jesus was seen raising people from the dead downtown tonight, watch tonight at 11 for the complete report.”

  • Zac

    I hate how priests are often under the impression that they are qualified to give psychological advice.

  • He-he. That just makes me laugh. I do think he means well, of course, but he doesn’t seem to realize how funny he’s being.

  • Sweet, sweet irony…

  • wright1

    @ benjdm: my irony meters used to last for years before I became an atheist. Now I have to buy them by the gross…

  • Heidi

    Yes, if you have an imaginary friend, there is something wrong.




    can’t… breathe… sides… hurt….

  • Nick Andrew

    I LOLed … at him.

  • I have to agree with him. I don’t believe that it is healthy to have an imaginary friend either. Especially when you don’t even recognise the fact.

  • Michael

    Someone needs to make parts of this into a ringtone.

  • Morris is known for saying some outlandish stuff, it seems he’s Fox’s favorite catholic priest. I first encountered him here and I was astounded at what he said.

  • GentleGiant

    Looking at some of the other videos of him on YouTube it seems like he’s about 5% Catholic priest and 95% usual right-wing talking points regurgitator.
    But of course he’s on Fox News, he supports their agenda fully.

  • ACN


    At 2:30 in the link you posted he announces:

    How else can we explain something like the intricacy of the human eye…


  • Phoebe

    How can he not realize that God is the ultimate imaginary friend??

    And ACN mentioned Morris talking about the intricacy of the human eye…is Morris so completely uneducated that he’s never heard of the animals with simple eyebuds that merely detect light? OF COURSE something simpler than the human eye can still function as a simple eye! How can they not know this?? People like that love to use the complex clock argument as well, have they never heard of sundials??

    *facepalm SEVERAL TIMES*

  • Hilarious. Try convincing him that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are imaginary.

    Cafeeine, that clip was even more absurd. Using microscopes and telescopes are bad science? If 90% (apparently a figure he pulled out of his ass) of Americans believe it, it must be true?

    But the one I really laughed at was the woman who said giving birth would convince anyone of miracles. Ha! That’s what made me pro-choice. Miraculous, I did not find it. Couldn’t take my eyes off my daughter when she was out but miraculous? That fucking hell? Fuck no! I made sure not to repeat that experience.

  • RiftchaserMej

    The Catholic god isn’t even a very good imaginary friend; he’s more like an imaginary enemy.

  • ACN

    I think this is an occasion for the classic Picard/Riker:

    When the fail is so strong, one facepalm is simply not enough.

  • Silent Service

    The Catholic god isn’t even a very good imaginary friend; he’s more like an imaginary enemy.

    ‘Snort, cough, choke.’ Damn good thing I’m only drinking water this morning. Caffeine out the nose hurts.

  • sven

    Well, he has an imaginary friend, who also watches everything he does. Creepy!

  • SeekerLancer

    That was good for a refreshing laugh.

  • LeAnne

    ahahahahaha that is absolutely hilarious.
    it hurrrrts. can’t. laugh. any. more.

  • Why did they have to cut to the next story? I would have loved to hear him expound on this “imaginary friends are bad for you” theory.

  • well I got my LOL for day. Thanks!

  • Jesse

    There’s something off about this.

    It didn’t seem like a regular slip of the tongue, it looked like he was waiting patiently, on several occasions to make that point….

    So deep rooted that he reflected on it and still didn’t realize the irony.

  • Dan W

    Hilarious. Now, if only the priest understood the irony of his comments.

  • Cents

    I needed a good laugh, and really nice to have it on my birthday too!

    Thanks Pop Morris, for giving us a few facepalm moments.

  • Ex Patriot

    counting all the saints, plus gawd and jeebus and his suposed virgin mother this man has a whole bevey of imaginary friends

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