Reason’s Greetings from Raleigh December 16, 2010

Reason’s Greetings from Raleigh

The Triangle Freethought Society in North Carolina has a “Reason’s Greeting” billboard up in Raleigh (courtesy of FFRF and local donor Todd Stiefel)… which is really just an excuse to post this awesome picture 🙂

“The Triangle Freethought Society chose this particular sign because it has a great message that works on many levels,” says Mark Zumbach, director of the chapter. “It is humorous. It offers good tidings, similar to Season’s Greetings or Happy Holidays. And it serves as a reminder of the value of reason, a tool that enables progress and civility in our society.”

No protests or opposition that I know of yet, but it hasn’t even been a week.

Give it time…

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  • James

    You brought the attention to it though Hemant, give it time now.

  • Claudia

    Love it. I’ve always been a fan of the stained-glass format for the billboards. Very pretty.

    I especially like the crowd in the foreground. A lot of variety in the ages of people. Nice to see it’s not just college age folks. I wish there were some African Americans in there though. I hope the community at Raleigh includes such outreach within their activities.

  • godfree

    GREAT !

  • Javier

    Cue the complaints of “I can’t believe they are indoctrinating those innocent children!” in 3, 2, 1…

    Yes, how dare they encourage children to think rationally without the dogma of myths and superstitions.

  • Well, there has been a *little* opposition–from the local conservative talk radio guy, Bill LuMaye and some of his listeners:

    Thanks for spreading the word about our efforts to spread some reason!

    (I’m the guy on the far left in the pic.)

  • exe

    Love it! Are they selling greeting cards with this message?

  • I second @exe-get some of these ready for sale by next October-November and I’ll buy some (and I know someone else who will as well). Leave them blank inside and you’ve got a winner.

    While your at it, produce a high-quality rational New Year’s card as well-one always needs a few of those for people who “card ambush” you at Christmas.

  • laura

    Merry Christmyth

  • That is a nice billboard, and that is an even nicer pic, with friendly faces together in front of it. Lots of friendly faces!

    FFRF, Todd and the Triangle Freethought Society all ROCK! :o)

  • I agree with exe and The “Eh”theist. I’d definitely buy cards like this for next year. It would give me a reason to actually write some for a change. Normally I think about it in October and then put it off till the 22nd December. Procrastination is my enemy.

  • Yay! I drive near there every day but hadn’t seen it. Glad to hear about it! This is incredible news!

  • Rebecca

    Time to make a little road trip! I would like to see this with my own eyes, so would my husband.

  • Chris
  • Mark Zumbach

    Hemant – thanks for covering this. We are very thrilled in Raleigh to have this billboard up!

  • Raleigh, part of the Triangle which also includes Chapel Hill and Durham, is a fairly liberal city. Obama went over big here and honestly, virtually everyone I know is an atheist or atheist-friendly. The Triangle is sort of a bubble of liberal sanity in this part of the South.

  • Joan Miner

    Oh boy would I like to have a box of Reason’s Greeting cards. Let’s do it! We can send them out all year long.

    Great billboard. Nice to know what MZ is doing these days.

    I wish I could say most people I know are atheist friendly. I find it hard to find them.

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