I Think the Billboard Has Made It December 15, 2010

I Think the Billboard Has Made It

You know your atheist billboard has made it when it’s referenced in a political cartoon:

And, of course, the original has been getting attention for weeks:

American Atheists president Dave Silverman tweeted yesterday that it was the first day he’s had no media interviews since the campaign began — an incredible feat of publicity when you consider the campaign began on November 23rd.

I wonder how they plan to top this…

(via Joe. My. God.)

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  • Silent Service

    Since most other mythology gets turned into some Dungeons and Dragons monster, what should we make the RNC mascot into? It’s got to be some kind of lesser devil. Like a baby pit fiend or something.

  • Silent Service, the RNC mascot is obviously an Oliphaunt. Either that, or a Heffalump.

  • Sarah

    JRR Tolkien and A. A. Milne — @the big blue frog knows where it’s at.

  • Silent Service

    I can see that, though I think an Oliphaunt is much scarier and not nearly as clown like as the modern RNC.

  • How’s about Dumbo?

  • Jon Peterson

    Heffalump for sure. They were considered scary/evil by pooh and the gang… but still a children’s cartoon, so perfect analogue for the ridiculousness of today’s RNC.

    (Edited: You know you play too many RPGs when the acronym “RNG” just flows from your fingers without a second thought. >.<)

  • Nerdette

    @ Jon Peterson

    Off topic, in response to your edit: I was lecturing to my ecology students about their forest ecology lab using DBH tape to measure tree area. However, I kept saying DBM. Some habits are far too ingrained for their own good.

  • Hey, fellow gamer geeks, am I the only one who sees the potential for horror in the Scrubbing Bubbles?

    I mean, imagine randomly encountering a swarm of smiling scrubbing bubbles in a tunnel, with a larger scrubbing bubble leading them. (This would, naturally, be in a vein of soapstone…)

  • cypressgreen

    I’m waiting for the Easter billboard to come… LOL

  • walkamungus

    I love the little Tea Partier worshipping in front of the billboard. Excellent cartoon!

  • Heh, that cartoon’s funny.

    G. Whiz, you insult Dumbo. It was his ears that were big, not his ego. The Repugs are more like the circus people who were chaining and caging his mother as a mad elephant for actually doing what a mother naturally does and trying to protect her baby boy.

  • Awesome to see my local cartoonist Pat Bagley (from the SL Tribune) make it into the mentions.

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