Help Reddit Atheists Raise Money for Doctors Without Borders December 12, 2010

Help Reddit Atheists Raise Money for Doctors Without Borders

The Atheism subReddit has taken up the cause to raise $42,000 for Doctors without Borders — the amount is an homage to Douglas Adams.

This is a friendly competition with the members of the Christianity subReddit, who are donating to the World Vision Clean Water Fund. Much like with Kiva, we’re crushing them with our generosity 🙂 (I should’ve pointed out that this is hardly a fair fight because the Atheism subReddit outnumbers the Christian subReddit by a longshot. There’s waaaaay more of us. So the “competition” is all in good fun. Still, Christians are more than welcome to try to beat us 🙂 )

As I write this, the atheists have already raised $30,000. The Christians have raised a little over $10,000.

Let’s help the atheists reach their goal (and, as a bonus, give more than the Christians).

If you’re in the U.K., you can give here.

If you’re in America (or elsewhere), you can give here.

I just gave $10. What are you donating?

(Thanks to Josh for the link!)

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  • Michael

    Yes! I just realized the freedom: we don’t have any formal doctrines about humility!

    We can donate and be proud and brag as much as we want!

  • maggieed

    Hey Hemant,

    Please don’t forget that the folks at the r/C subreddit are outnumbered 10 to 1 by r/A and that this “competition” isn’t really being viewed as anything resembling a fair fight by most redditors. In fact, for once bashing either side seems to have been universally frowned upon (including taunts about who has raised more, because it’s a given r/A is going to CRUSH us. Math works!). I’ve seen plenty of folks on r/A defending their reddit brethren at r/C, I’ve seen some of the hysteria about r/A at r/C subside – at least for a little while – and we’ve seen quite a bit of cross-pollination donation wise on both sides.

    The real winners here are people who may never argue about God (or the lack thereof) on the internet, and that’s who this is truly about.

    (Hemant says: Very good point. I’ve amended the post to include this fact.)

  • Gave $25 a few days ago 🙂

  • Tony

    I frequently donate to MSF on the Canadian site here:

  • Rabid

    Not being funny, but given the abundance of Christians in the world, the issue of how big the Christian subReddit is hits me as somewhat irrelevant. I mean, if Christians as a group were oh-so-righteous-and-generous, surely it would be easy as pie for them to be able to spread the word through their neighbourhood both on and offline and beat us to a pulp… ya know, should they so want to, just sayin’.

  • bigjohn756

    No PayPal? Too bad.

  • maggieed

    @Rabid – You also have to remember that most of the Christians on r/C are of the more liberal stripe, the Christian community at large finds us almost (almost!) equally as repugnant as a group like r/A. Even if we at r/C had the social media power to bring in waves of Christians from elsewhere; the very fact that I’ve linked to the r/atheism donation page from ours will make many of them navigate away within seconds.

    We might be able to get the some of the Episcopalians and Presbyterians on board though…

    Also, Christians as a group are supposed to be, as you put it, “oh-so-righteous-and-generous,” but I think it’s a pretty well known fact around here that many – if not most of us – are not. [Insert no true Scotsman fallacy here].

  • I think any help to humanity is good.

  • Richard Wade

    I just donated. I don’t care about giving more than the Christians. That’s infantile. Yes, I know the deck is stacked and the “competition” is just for fun, but I still would rather just give. People are in terrible pain and dire need. This isn’t a game.

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