Keep Yul in Yuletide December 7, 2010

Keep Yul in Yuletide

Forget keeping Christ in Christmas.

It’s way more fun to walk around in a shirt bearing an image of Yul Brynner:

Awesome. You can get that shirt here, courtesy of the South Jersey Humanists! Or… you can win one!

All you have to do is fill in the blanks to the following phrase:

Keep _____ in ____________

Make me laugh (because it’s more fun that way)!

A winner will be picked at random. If you’d like to be considered for the prize, you must live in the US — just make sure the word “troglodyte” is at the end of your comment.

(Thanks to Michael for the link!)

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  • Reginald Selkirk

    Keep Eostre in Easter


  • Joost

    Keep Han in Hanukkah!

    Featuring Harrison Ford, of course.

    Since I don’t live in the states, I won’t end my comment with troglodyte 🙂

  • Ed L.

    Keep Shit in Shi(h) Tzu

  • Revyloution

    Keep the Trogs in Troglodyte!

    Wild thing,
    you make my heart sing,
    you make everything

    Wild thing

  • Alice

    Keep the rhythm in logarithm.
    Could be a good intro to a song…. or something.. troglodyte.

  • billybobbibb

    Keep the Saturn in Saturnalia!

  • Keep urga in purgatory.


  • amelia

    Keep the soul in solstice!


  • Chad

    Keep sol in winter solace.


  • Chris

    An oldie but a goodie

    Keep TOW Missiles in Mistletoe!


  • Randy

    Keep Thor in Thursday!

  • Sue

    Keep STM in Christmas! (could be accompanied by a nice photomicrograph, STM being Scanning Tunneling Microscope)


  • ShavenYak

    Keep Kwan in Kwanzaa! with skater Michelle Kwan.

    Oh, yeah… troglodyte

  • Ash

    Keep the Godless in God Bless you.


  • Jeff

    I tried to think of a way to use “Hemant”, but all I could think of was “Keep the Hem in Hemophilia”.

    Which isn’t funny.

  • Maddie Lynn

    Keep baby eater in atheist!


  • Potco

    Keep the party in your pants. PLEASE!!!


  • Michael

    Keep Christ in Christmas
    with Christ-opher Hitchens mug of course

  • Apsalar

    Keep Dolph in Rudolph. (Picture of Dolph Lundgren as either He-Man or Ivan Drago, with a big red nose.)


  • Lauren

    Keep the PIE in PIETY!


  • Oldie but goodie…

    Keep the “fun” in “funeral”


  • Ed L.

    Keep Palin in friggin’ Alaska.

  • Bob

    Keep (photo of CHRIStopher Hitchens) in Christmas!


  • JulietEcho

    “Keep ‘Party’ in the Bull Moose Party!”

    Really, just because the political party no longer exists is no reason to cancel the Bull Moose Party. Moose need to relax too, y’know.


  • John Small Berries

    Keep Chan (picture of Charlie Chan) in Chanukkah!


  • Chris

    Keep Ramen in Ramadan. Only at night, though!


  • Little James

    Keep Na’vi (picture of 8 foot tall blue alien) in Navidad!


  • cypressgreen

    Keep the sin in sinner.

    Keep the sheep in sheeple.

    Keep the carnation in carnation.

    (incarnation – get it?)


  • Flah the Heretic Methodist

    Keep a lid on the hoLIDays.


  • James

    Keep bibles in the fiction section.


  • Tyler

    Keep the sieve in New Year’s Eve. (Could be handy when you inevitably vomit from too much champagne)


  • andrew

    keep the fun in funeral


  • Emily

    Keep the Na’vi in Navidad.


  • David

    Keep the ent in Lent!


  • Keep putting The God Delusion in the christian books section


  • ptowner

    Keep the “mental” in Fundamentalism.

    Keep the “litter” in Literalism.


  • Sara

    Keep the ad in advent!

    I can never get enough of Mad Men.


  • heironymous

    Keep Thor in Thursday

    This is always my favorite. I want to carve it in my neighbors’ car next to their Keep the Christ in Christmas sticker.

    Keep the Sun in Sunday
    Keep the Moon in Monday
    Keep the Dues in Tuesday
    Keep the Woden in Wednesday
    Keep the Thor in Thursday
    Keep the Freya in Friday
    Keep the Saturn in Saturday

    In Flemish/German, it’s Dienstdag – or Service day – I believe it’s referring the one day of service that you (a serf) owe to the master of the manor

  • Rebecca

    Keep the MOO in moose!

  • Wow. Look away for a minute, and all the easy holiday puns are taken. And you’re left with offbeat stuff like this:

    Keep the TV in the Feast of Tevet (look it up, bubbeleh)

    (btw, it’s spelled “Troggs”)

    Oh, and troglodyte

  • heironymous

    Oops looks like I was off in my own amateur Etymology:

    Keep the Tewes in Tuesday (Tewes being a version of Mars the god of war)

    BTW Day – comes from Dei – Latin for “of the god”.

  • Keep Krampmus in Christmas.

    The shirt would have to have a picture of Krampus on it to get the desired effect.


  • Denis Robert

    Keep the TM in Christmas!!! (attributed to Ayn Rand).

  • Derek

    I see previously “soul in Solstice,” but…

    “Keep the Sol in Solstice” has long been my favorite, it works scientifically and for the Roman Sun-god reference predating the Christian claim.


  • Laura

    Aww, Joost quasi beat me to mine…

    Keep HAN in EphipHANy!


  • Rebecca

    Keep miss in missile! lol

  • Digitus Impudicus

    Keep the “za” in Kwanza, with a nice slice of Hawaiian-style pie with red peppers and extra parm.
    I think I am hungry.


  • John Small Berries

    Because I was bored, here’s a <a href=" image of my suggestion above.

    Still not sure how many Ks should be in Chanuk[k]ah… oh well.

  • John Small Berries

    Argh, HTML fail.

  • Rebecca

    Keep ‘tit’ in titmouse (it’s a bird, look it up) or keep ‘jolly’ in Jolly Roger. Or keep straw in strawberry. Keep ‘pie’ in pirate. I’m on a roll. lol

  • Dave P.

    Keep the pi in pie.


  • Keep the Bach in Bacchanalia.


  • «bønez_brigade»

    Keep music in music television.
    pan troglodyte

  • Keep the Color in Colorado.

    (says the Colorado native).


  • Yarp

    Keep the laughter in manslaughter.



  • ButchKitties

    Keep the “Evan” in Evangelism. (To be accompanied by a picture of Evan Lysacek in full skater regalia)

    Or keep the “Strom” in stromboli (With Strom Thurmond photoshopped to look like a meatball.)


  • Becky

    Keep the gin in virgin birth.

  • Keep the pain in champagne.

    Keep the wein in weihnachten (German version)


  • Vas

    Keep the Cunt in Country

    Thanks to Hank Williams III for this little gem


  • BrianE

    Keep the resident in President

    See, cause Obama wasn’t born here? * Cricket * Sigh…

    troglodyte anyway

  • TychaBrahe

    I was going to say “Keep [Chris] in Christmas,” too, only I was thinking Chris Farley, Chris Barclay, Chris Byrd

  • Katherine

    Keep the Ass in Ascension Day?
    All the good ones have been taken :/

  • Ibis

    Keep the No! in Noël.

    Not a USAian.

  • CJ :)

    Apparently it’s “keep gouging in plus size marketing.” +$4 for a 2XL, +$5 for a 3XL, and so on upwards? I don’t mind paying a couple of dollars more for my comfortable 3X t-shirt, but this is ridiculous.

    Guess I’ll go sit in my fat corner with my non-fat wallet where I refuse to pay $22 for a t-shirt just because I’m fat.

  • Catherine

    A nice hannukah/christmas crossover

    Keep the Oy in Joy
    (featuring Krusty the Klown in a santa suit)
    It sucks, I know but worth a shot

  • Keep the Ha! in Hanukkah.


  • Jonas

    Keep all of us in Festivus.
    Keep Captain Over (from Airplane) in Passover.

    Keep Box in Boxing Day — With a picture of Box the robot, from Logan’s Run.


  • Meanie

    I didn’t read them all…has any suggested
    Keep the FUN in dysfunctional?
    I think that one is particularly apt during the holiday season (or maybe that’s just when my whole family gathers…)

  • Keep the ho’ in Ho, ho, ho.

  • AMW

    Keep the Palin in paleontology (w/pic of the ex-gov as a fossil).


  • Spencer

    Keep the governing in government (or perhaps, rather, bring it back).


  • Hybrid

    Let’s move the Ark to Arkansas.

    (Says any sane Kentuckian).


  • thecaptain

    Keep the hist(ory) in Christmas – go read Tacitus or Seutonius or someone else who was actually trying to write a history.


  • WishinItWas

    Keep the Laughter in Slaughter!

    and a bonus?

    Keep the Nematode in Caenorhabditis

  • Keep the fun in dysfunctional

  • Kara

    Keep the cat in the hat.

    Bad, I know.


  • Karl

    Keep the Druids in the Winter Solstice Celebration

    (I very nearly put up a yard sign with slogan last year; we lived across the street from a Catholic church with a *huge* “Keep Christ in Christmas” sign that I had to look at every day for a couple months.)

  • For those of you who like holiday food, drink, and overindulgence:

    “Keep the “id” in “yuletide!”


  • Just a Fan

    Keep God in Godzilla (roar!)


  • Keep Al Gore in the algorithm.

    Keep the Arb in Ann Arbor.

    Keep the Ha-ha-ha in happiness.

    Keep the troglodyte

  • Christopher Petroni

    Keep Kwan in Kwanzaa!

    As in Michelle Kwan, the figure skater. I’m sure she celebrates Kwanzaa.


  • Benjamin

    Keep Donar(Thor) in Donnerstag(Thursday)
    Keep Baccus in Brumalia
    Keep Mother in M?draniht
    Keep Coke in Christmas

    Oh well I admit these suck

  • DemetriusOfPharos

    Keep Australians in Australia!

    (This is solely to get rid of Ken Ham)


  • Peter Mahoney

    Keep the MYTH is ChristMYTH.


  • Lesilu

    Maybe “Keep the ‘ice’ in Winter Solstice” with a tie-in to global warming?


  • Peter Mahoney

    Keep the banana in Ray Comfort.

    (A little tribute to the banana man of “Atheists worst nightmare” fame).

    As to where Ray should keep that banana, well…


  • Ubi Dubium

    Keep the I in Team!


  • troglodyte? You’re making it hard now.

    Ahem, anyway keep the church out of state!

    Oh, in?

    Since I’m not extremely witty, how about I ask the “war on Christmas” “keep Christ in Christmas” folks to keep peace on Earth and good will towards all?

    Keep the happy in winter!

    If I think of anything real, I’ll come back and add it but don’t hold your breath. I’m drawing a blank. Happy Winter, y’all!

  • Peter Mahoney

    Keep the WAR in Christmas!


  • Peter Mahoney

    Keep that “A” in “Atheist”.

    As in, don’t go turning Theist on us.


  • Oh, Jeff, I almost forgot:

    I thought that one was obvious —

    keep the he-man in Hemant. 🙂

  • Could somebody please put some fun into fundamentalists?

    Keep the ass in assignations.

    Keep the r in February.


  • Keep the ‘ya’ in

  • libertalien

    Keep the crotch in crotchety.


  • Meanie

    Keep the ME in Awesome!

  • Rhodent

    Keep the “Win” in “Winter Solstice” (with a picture of an ecstatic kid holding up a Christmas present)

    Keep the “Pee” in “Happee Holidays” (accompanying picture is left as an exercise to the reader)


  • Noodly1

    Keep believing in [dumb] shit; [it indicates you’re a] troglodyte.

  • Peter Mahoney

    Keep the FICTION in CruciFICTION.


  • Ben Finney

    Keep the “the” in “psychotherapist”.

    Not in the USA, so no troglodyte.

  • Nick

    Keep fuckin that chicken

  • Keep the 0 in g0d.

  • Richard Wade

    Keep the rich in Richard.

  • Christophe Thill

    Keep the win in Darwin !

  • stogoe

    Keep the Myth in Mithrasmas!

  • Nordog

    Keep the theist in atheist.

  • Tom

    Keep the X in X-mas!

  • MPM

    Keep the guns and liquor in the Feast of Alvis .

    Keep the lw’nafhcthul in ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.


  • tony

    tell the catholic church to
    keep it in their pants


  • inmyhead

    I love it and must have the shirt. No I need to go watch the King and I.

  • Collin

    keep the bla in blasphemy

  • Bulletproofheeb

    Keep the “homo” in homophobic!

    Insert any of the many politicians or religious leaders who have been caught in a gay scandal after years of preaching against homosexuality.


  • Keep “MAN” in BATMAN
    –paid for by the council to resist the genetic splicing of superheroes–


  • P.

    Keep RAP in therapy, yo!

    Paid for by The Foundation for Mentally Unstable Rappers. President: Kanye West.


  • me

    keep the LIE in BELIEVE.

  • GOAM

    Keep the (dry) heave in heaven

    Keep the par in paradise

    Keep the logic in mythological

  • Keep the lie in belief.

    Should be a billboard. 😉


  • Jim (elbuho)
  • Ben Finney

    Dang it, Zazzle won’t let me exchange money for product, without setting up a useless account.

    They lost my custom right there; I can’t be arsed filling another invasive registration form and wondering what they’re going to do with all my details.

    Most other sites it’s simple: tell them where I want the stuff sent, and pay for it. Not Zazzle. Too bad, it looked like a good shirt.

  • D Haak

    Keep the ‘He is’ in atheism.

  • Nordog

    Keep the “pepsi” in “dyspepsia”.

  • ShavenYak

    Huh, the link to the shirt no longer works, and I can’t find it with a search (although I did find something really cool while trying – )

    I sure hope they haven’t caved in to whiny Christians offended that someone would make fun of their persecution complex.

  • Sinfanti

    “Keep the sex in sextuplets.”


  • Tim

    I made a bumper sticker just for the War on Christmas:
    Keep Thor in Thursday

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