I Also Like Cee-Lo’s Version… December 6, 2010

I Also Like Cee-Lo’s Version…

NSFW… but very entertaining 🙂

(via Chicagoist — Thanks to Jodie for the link!)

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  • DocShinobi

    FUCK YOU if you dont like other kindsa nog!
    Hahaha I lol’d

  • NotYou007

    South Park did it a lot better.


    Merry Fucking Christmas!!!

  • God, that was stupid. I must be missing the humor because I’m totally not seeing the funny.

  • i heart drew.

  • I’ll be humming that tune in my head all night now.

  • Darryl

    Best rap I’ve heard this year.

  • sven


  • keddaw

    Fuck you if you don’t like freedom of choice in lightbulbs!

    Amazing how one issue I don’t give a fuck about really makes my blood boil. You’re not saving the earth you ignorant cunt, you’re banning people from having the lighting they want because it uses less electricity – electricity that is already taxed to pay for its environmental impact.

    So fuck you if you don’t like freedom of choice.

    Fuck you if you don’t like me paying for my environmental impact, then impacting the environment.

    And fuck you if you can’t charge enough to make me swap to fluorescent.

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