A Bible I Would Read December 6, 2010

A Bible I Would Read

Well. this is one way to get people to read the Bible… just Hipster-ize it:

Too bad there are only a few pages available. Someone needs to flesh this thing out!

While you’re at it, please flesh out Edward Tarte‘s “honest” version of the Bible — you have to wonder why it wasn’t written this way in the first place:

(via Godless Girl)

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  • Jenn
  • Lynniegirl

    LMAO @ Jenn…. I think I HAD that bible!

  • i could not make it past 2min.

    look, i love our people, but let’s face the fact that we live in a world where Bristol Palin gets to be on TV. a nice, sweet old man like that? he’ll be utterly and totally ignored by the people we most want to hear his message. was there funny video at 3:55? i couldn’t wait for it. no one else will, either. just sayin. without something “interesting” he’s not gonna get any play. of course i still approve of messages like this.

  • Well, maybe its because I’m older, but I really enjoyed the video. It proposed a really good thought experiment on “if there is a God and if He felt compelled to inspire some writings, what would His message be?”

    Quite a bit different than what we find in the New and Old Testaments.

  • @chicago dyke,

    “a nice, sweet old man like that? he’ll be utterly and totally ignored by the people we most want to hear his message”

    And that’s EXACTLY why bright, young, intelligent and energetic people like you need to listen up, pay attention and then give the world your OWN take on what Mr. Tart has to say. Try not to discount a message because it wasn’t dispensed in a 20 second sound bite.
    He may come off as boring to you, but maybe it takes someone like yourself to make it appealing to a younger crowd. 🙂

  • paranoid android

    There’s a German book called “Der Große Boss”(“The Big Boss”) – the old testament translated to something like German Hipster Speak.
    It’s pretty awesome, but I don’t think it has been translated to English.

  • Traziness

    Love it! The messages were to-the-point and difficult to criticize. And yes, I listened/watched the whole thing. It makes me happy that he is formerly a priest; proof that he really had to think hard about his words before he spoke them as opposed to regurgitating falsities handed down to him. Standing O!

  • Richard Wade

    I really loved Edward Tarte’s video. Honest, positive and fearless.

  • chicago dyke , I agree with The Godless Monster. You could be zomgitschicagodike!

    Sign up for a Youtube channel. 🙂

  • meh, he’s boring me to death! WTF? Quit bashing chicago dyke’s youth. I’m 52, almost 53, and I couldn’t take it any more at the two minute mark either.

    now zomgitscriss, you’re talking.

    And I don’t think I’m partier enough to appreciate the cartoon. Did someone turn off my funny tonight because three for three stupid.

  • Richard Wade, Traziness, the Godless Monster, Jeff P, thank you for your kind comments. At my YouTube channel, edward tarte, I have dozens of other videos which probably satisfy the description that you, Richard, kindly gave to this one: honest, positive, and fearless.

  • Secular Stu

    “Yea, thou heardest not; yea, thou knewest not; yea, from that time that thine ear was not opened: for such a band was truly underground. Verily, they were pretty obscure.”

    “I give you these ten commandments… on vinyl. It’s got a much warmer sound than stone tablets, dude.”

  • pinksponge

    I like Mr. Tarte’s video — it’s actually a lot like NonStampCollector’s video What Would Jesus NOT Do?, except that NSC’s video uses fun cartoons, and Mr. Tarte’s video is just plain speaking. There’s nothing wrong with either approach — both of them get the message across! I think it’s cool that we have a variety of people out there, getting these messages across in different ways to different audiences.

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