Guess Who Else Adopted a Highway? December 5, 2010

Guess Who Else Adopted a Highway?

The Omaha Atheists have a highway of their own!

Hmm… I wonder what the longest stretch of atheist-cleaned road is in America.

(Thanks to Brian for the link!)

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  • This is cool!

    Christians vs Atheists in an epic battle to own the roads!

  • After the MN Atheists stretch of Hwy 35, there’s a stretch cleaned by a Unitarian Church. Not quite there, but they’re pretty close.

  • We (Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers) have a mile of I-35 as well.

    It’s not exactly a stretch, but it is the same highway. Does that count?

  • Richard Wade

    Hmm… I wonder what the longest stretch of atheist-cleaned road is in America.

    Maybe it’s the many, many miles of roads crisscrossing the 591+ acres of the campuses of Harvard University?

  • Cool! We’re doing this too in our city. We’re just waiting for the signs to be up within the next month or so. Will you post about ours when they get up?

  • TXatheist

    Atheist Community of Austin has a section of Burnet Road just south of highway 183 and I went there a couple times to help clean and it was actually pretty clean already so kudos to that group.

  • NotYou007

    I enjoyed reading that sign compared to reading the others.

    We are atheist. The whole secular or humanist shit just pisses me off. I’m proud to be an atheist.

  • Randy

    I live in Omaha and I never knew there was an organized atheist group. Granted I never looked, but it goes to show how the billboards campaign can be effective in letting folks know. Good for them!

  • LeAnne

    Yay for Nebraskan Atheists!

  • LeAnne

    does anyone know which omaha highway this is on, by the way?

  • spink

    go Omaha!

  • Randy: Omaha Atheist Meetup group! Join us! Everyone is really awesome! We get together once a month for a meetup and in between there is usually other things going on like discussion groups, they have a bowling team going right now, we also go to the science cafe lectures and things like that. It really makes living in Omaha much more enjoyable!

    I have been out there to clean up that highway but I do not know where it is 🙁
    I didn’t drive therefore I did not pay attention to where I was being taken. But I think it was out by Venice so maybe hwy92?

  • Angie P

    The stretch of highway the OA group cares for is to the West of Omaha, near Yutan.
    Thanks for the feature, Hemant! 🙂

  • Angie P

    @Randy: We have a great, diverse group of 200+ (and growing) here in Omaha. Find us via! We have monthly meetings as well as other social, discussion, education and volunteer activities each month.

  • does anyone know which omaha highway this is on, by the way?

    LeAnne, this is on Highway 92 (West Center Road) west of 264th. We have a 2 mile stretch that we are responsible for clean up of.

  • Jason Stephens

    Hey, I don’t recall anyone asking permission to use my photo! 😛 Just kidding of course. Thanks Brian for sending this on, love the exposure! We are good without god!

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