Kentucky’s Governor Announces Expansion of Creation Museum December 1, 2010

Kentucky’s Governor Announces Expansion of Creation Museum

I don’t like that the Creation Museum in Kentucky is expanding, but it’s their money and they can do what they want with it.

I do have a problem, however, with the official announcement being made alongside Governor Steve Beshear.

Beshear’s participation in the announcement suggests state incentives for the project may be included.

He can say it’s about the new jobs and not theology, but no elected official should be proudly supporting an organization that’s doing everything in its power to dismantle proper science education.

A blogger at Your Atheist Muse sent Gov. Beshear the following message:

I am beyond saddened by and ashamed of your support of this anti-education project, and your contribution to the stereotype of Kentuckians as ignorant religious fundamentalists who are decades behind the rest of the USA. Your support of such movements further diminishes the public’s — and, particularly, children’s — understanding of science and, indeed, the virtues of systematic logical investigation as the best way to gain knowledge. It demonizes scientists and their findings — meaning that people will feel that empirical findings are mere belief systems.

Shame on you, Governor Beshear!

She speaks for me, too.

It probably won’t change much, but you can write your own letter to the Governor here.

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  • onujoe85

    As a transfer to Kentucky from Ohio, I have the pleasure of not having grown up in the state, yet I’m still incredibly embarrassed that the creation “museum” is located near my apartment. Makes me look forward to the day I can move.

    Still, letter to the Governor has been sent!

  • Heidi

    It’s not about jobs. It’s about the Jesus Freak from Australia spreading government sanctioned lies across Kentucky. I’m embarrassed for the whole state.

  • I usually think you make too big a deal about government and religion.

    But this is really crossing the line. That place is nutso and should have no public funding or endorsement.

  • Purbrookian

    The governor’s support for this crackpot project is what I term part of the ‘George Bush Syndrome’. Rove got him (almost) elected with the implicit message to the mass of thickheaded voters; “I’m a semi-literate godmongering thug just like you, so vote for me.” This Beshear cretin is hoping to appeal to the brain-dead sheep whose allegiance to a sky-fairy permits membership in the Gormless Club.

  • Boyfriend and I are hoping to get down to the creation museum next year. I’ll have to see when the expansion will be done and see if we can go afterwards!

  • Bob

    If it’s all about jobs, then the Governor should have no problem touting an Non-Theist Centre, or perhaps a compound for the followers of Bagwan Shri Rajneesh.

    Oh, wait …

  • Paul E

    Letter sent!

  • Jesus Fucking Christ, is he that ignorant or ballsy or both?

  • Letter sent. I was born and raised in Kentucky but no longer live there. I guess I no longer have reason to be encouraged over KY having a Democratic Governor… Stupidity yields to no party lines…

  • it would be outrageous in any other country. here? par for the course for far too many of our elected officials. it’s worse than the Gov standing next to a pastor and crowing about the expansion of a megachurch/jeebus center, but not by much. these are the politicians americans are choosing, and they’ll get what they deserve.

  • Jess

    I am not a native Kentuckian but I live here and love the state. I hate that it is in the bible belt and this museum is just stupid.

    “…your contribution to the stereotype of Kentuckians as ignorant religious fundamentalists who are decades behind the rest of the USA.” That pretty much hits home but thankfully not everyone is like that!

  • Jeff

    Yep – and this is precisely the reason we’re an object of ridicule to the civilized world.

  • Anonymous

    Ken Ham on Facebook

    Intolerant Atheists up in arms about ARK ENCOUNTER

  • RollTheBones

    Ugh, as a graduate of Boone County High School that place is an embarrassment.

    letter sent.

  • mlle_oui

    i usually browse through posts on google reader, but as a kentuckian, i had to act. rand paul, and now this? cripes.

  • Serenity

    *headdesk* sigh…
    the museum wants tax incentives too. They want to use it to create jobs??? What about getting Kentucky Kingdom set up again?? The Louisville area lost a TON of seasonal jobs when that went down!! I love Louisville, but damn ky is so stupid.. -_-

    Louisville so needs to just become its own separate state…

    ok I think my initial fury is over.. I’m going to get that letter sent. Sigh.. I’m not even atheist, but as a college student getting a degree in Anthropology this 6,000 year old earth crap kills a part of me and just makes me hate Ky more..

    oh god the stupid… it burns… -_-

  • Spherical Basterd

    I’m currently doing something I loathe, setting up a facebook account. It’s the only way to comment on their site. I plan to keep my comments to the idea of government subsidies and separation of church and state as I don’t see an argument over dogma and beliefs as useful.

    Any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a nice editorial from the Louisville Courier-Journal

    “…in a state that already suffers from low educational attainment in science, one of the last things Kentucky officials should encourage, even if only implicitly, is for students and young people to regard creationism as scientifically valid.”

    “But if the Beshear administration is determined that Kentucky should cash in on its stereotypes — and wants to fight Indiana to snare the theme park — why stop with creationism? How about a Flat-Earth Museum? Or one devoted to the notion that the sun revolves around the Earth? Why not a museum to celebrate the history and pageantry of methamphetamines and Oxycontin? Surely a spot can be found for an Obesity Museum (with a snack bar).”|+Creationist+tourism

  • Bill

    Louisville isn’t capable of being its own separate state because its really at the core no different than the rest of Kentucky. Trust me in that I lived there for three years. Its a toilet just like the rest of the state. Sure it may appear progressive and with a lot of other people from other places but the boondocks hicks are still in Louisville. About the only place you can consider progressive is places like the Highlands, Frankfort Avenue and some other East End areas. The rest of it goes for the fundamentalist types and the good old boy culture. Nothing any different than the rest of Kentucky. Its just not that special of a place

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