A Song ‘Defending’ Scientology November 30, 2010

A Song ‘Defending’ Scientology

The comedy show Political Subversities recently featured actor Todd Briscoe “defending” Scientology. (The language is probably NSFW.)

I enjoyed the last line in particular 🙂

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  • ATL-Apostate

    Just as a reference for future postings. It’s *probably* safe to assume that any video that drops f-bombs is NSFW. No need to qualify with a “probably.” 🙂

    Great video, though. Thanks for posting!

  • WingedBeast

    Not only is the last line great for it’s accuracy in comparing the craziness of religion, it’s also the entire basis of America’s 1st Amendment. We all get to spout shit, no matter how crazy.

  • Worth sitting through for that last line.

    But I also think the groans when he stated he was Scientologist were right on the mark. And deserved. Now if some of the other batshit fucking crazy religions out there would start getting a like groan.