God Dropped the Ball… November 28, 2010

God Dropped the Ball…

You Buffalo Bills fans probably don’t want a reminder of what your wide receiver Steve Johnson did in overtime during today’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers…

After that miss, the Steelers got the ball, got a field goal, and won the game 19-16.

So who did Johnson blame for his miss?

So I guess we all know the truth now: God is a Steelers fan.

I do complain that not enough athletes blame a god for their losses (and only mention a god after a win), so I guess I should be pleased by this. Though a better player would’ve just accepted full responsibility for the miss…

(via TMZ — Thanks to Jay for the link!)

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  • I love it when Carlin’s standup bits see the light of day. Is there such thing as secular prophecy? I can’t believe this is a real thing. Too funny.

  • Jay

    Had to share it with you when I read it. Thanks for posting it so fast!

  • Like many good christians online, Steve knows how to use the CAPS LOCK!

    Too bad he didn’t learn to accept responsibility for his successes and failures.

  • Oh for the love of Offler what a loser.

    However, if he really is a true believer, it does take a lot of stones to question your omnipotent, omniscient, has-a-greater-plan god.

  • Everyone knows god is a cowboy fan, and they’re losing too.

  • Richard P.

    Damn I guys gotta ask where is he when you need him?
    Oh wait, today’s Sunday, what was he thinking. It’s gods day off.

  • NFQ

    A-ma-zing. I second Freelancer’s “I can’t believe this is a real thing.” The icing on the cake is the “THX THO…” — is that supposed to be sarcastic? Or is it a real bit of praise in the face of hardship? I’m not sure which one would be more ridiculous at this point.

  • NotYou007

    Really? Is this real?

    You drop a ball and blame it on God? Really?

    Should I say really again?

  • Hamilton Jacobi

    This is a good first step. He’s at least being rational about the fact that if an omnipotent being deserves praise for all the good stuff in life, he deserves condemnation for the bad stuff too. Johnson is now roughly at the toddler phase of developing rationality.

    Unfortunately, those around him are unlikely to stand by and allow him to ask further questions and grow on his own into a mature adult. He is more likely to be browbeaten into publicly apologizing for his blasphemy.

  • Richard Wade

    Perhaps Mr. Johnson is addressing his sports agent.

    There’s something self-contradictory in these two statements:




    It seems that he has learned something. Perhaps a valuable lesson.

  • Jesse

    I’m a Bills fan in Buffalo and I was just ragging on Stevie earlier in the game because he points to the sky after EVERY catch and I think even before every play. He was even doing it after he dropped the 5 other passes in the game.

    Don’t take it too hard Stevie, this is Buffalo where God does whatever it takes to make us lose. It’s out of your control, so stop worrying!

  • Miko

    Well, technically he didn’t specify who he praises 24/7. It’s possible that he’s a schizophrenic narcissist, and was referring to himself.

  • I think its funny to imagine Jesus in that endzone, slapping the football out of his hands. Maybe he had some money on that game. You’re a real asshole Jesus.

  • Richard Wade

    I wonder if God follows him on Twitter. He might not see this.
    This is how people pray now? On social media?

    ePray? iPray? WikiPray?

  • Heidi

    Stevie must be one of us now. You know, since he’s mad at God and all. 😛

  • Hah, about time. We should see more of this. Kanye can blame god next time?

  • Sue D. Nymme

    I gotta ask — is this really the quarterback’s Twitter account? Or some fanboy’s? Or someone who just wants to make the QB look bad?

  • Bob

    I call it ‘spamming the Jesus button’ (if you’re not familiar with the term, ‘spamming’ in gaming circles means repeatedly pushing a button or using a specific move – often a simple/basic one – instead of mastering advanced techniques or showing finesse).

    This is from the same drawer as Tim Tebow and his mother, who ‘chose life’ (note that Sarah and Bristol Palin promptly jumped on that bandwagon). The thing is, millions of mothers from all walks of faith choose life every single day. Babies are born, some into comfort, some into poverty and need.

    And I am also reminded of a scene from Babylon 5, where a character muses:

    “I used to complain about how unfair the universe was, until I realized, ‘What if the universe was *completely* fair, and all of the bad things that happened to us were because we deserved it?’ So, now, I take great comfort in the general unfairness of the universe.”

  • littlejohn

    I think this is a huge step in the right direction. We religious skeptics have long bemoaned the fact that athletes routinely credit god for their successes, but become strangely silent when they lose.
    At least this guy is being consistent.
    Of course, maybe he’s so egotistical that he’d rather renounce his religion than admit he dropped a perfect pass that dropped right into his hands.

  • all i have it pity for people like this. really. it’s beyond my comprehension, to try to imagine what goes on inside a mind like that, such that he believes faith and football are an important mix. that’s just… really sad.

  • Jesse

    @ Sue D. Nymme

    He’s not the quarterback, but the receiver who dropped the ball. It is his confirmed Twitter account.

    Also Stevie, I’m much more upset about those 4 Super Bowl losses in a row than your dropped ball in a meaningless game on a 2-8 team.

  • ollie

    This doesn’t bother me; I don’t have high intellectual expectations of athletes.
    I am NOT saying that they are all dumb; I am saying that they are not in the spotlight for their intellectual abilities.

    I am MUCH more bothered by people like Rep. Shimkus or Sen. Inhofe who use the Bible to guide policy (e. g., we don’t need to worry about climate change since their deity sent a rainbow to say that he’d never destroy the earth again, etc.)

    THAT is far, far more troubling than a superstitious athlete.

  • Gregory Marshall

    Hey, at least for once, we have a Christian that actually blames god for a loss.

  • Todd

    At least he didn’t blame Satan.

  • Religious discussion or not… all I can say (as a Bills fan) is, damn it’s tough being a Bills fan.

    Punch to the gut, that’s what that felt like.

  • Silent Service

    How long till we find out his account was hacked? Who cares.

  • Maybe god’s trying to teach him a lesson on humility? lol, at least that’s how I’d spin it if I were a preacher in Buffalo.

    tend to agree with Ollie, though. Still, those athletes get annoying with the god is on their team shit all the time. Just makes me glad that sports bore the shit out of me anyway so I’m spared sitting through that crapped except when it’s on the news and discussed on-line ad nauseum.

  • What exactly should we expect from somebody who runs around in tights and catches balls for a living?

  • Daryl

    God clearly wants the Bills to lose so they could end up with a higher draft pick, thus entailing in their eventual winning of the 2014 Superbowl (where they’ll beat Dallas 16-9). It’s his main hobby, basically: gerrymandering sporting events. After all, it’s not like he has any other pressing concerns.

    As many, I at least applaud his consistency in him metaphorically shaking his fist at the sky for his blunder. If only all athletes showed such logic.

  • Vanessa

    @Dave Morgan

    Now you know what it’s like being a Lions fan XP. It hurts every time one of the refs screw them over.

  • Dan

    “This is how you do me!!!!!”

    I think this guy needs to be mad at his god for

    1) Not allowing him to have the education to learn to write/speak properly. This includes both grammar and spelling.

    2) Not allowing him to have the education to understand punctuation. You never use that many punctuation marks and question marks.

  • Spherical Basterd

    The lesson here is, “Never bet on Jesus to cover the spread.”

  • Kurt

    He should try praising whoever it was 23/7 and get in an extra hour of drills. Those catches ain’t easy!

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