If You’re Doing Some Online Shopping… November 25, 2010

If You’re Doing Some Online Shopping…

Just a quick note: If you’re planning to do any online shopping at Amazon over the next few weeks, please consider using this link to get you to the site. If you do, a portion of your total purchase will come back to this site.


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  • Do you get anything if you add a similar link to the UK Amazon site? What about other country specific ones?

  • Brian

    See, this is the kind of thing you have to tell me before I start my early shopping.

  • Huh. Posted 6 hours ago. Too bad I bought all my stuff 12 hours ago.

  • Karen

    I do almost all my shopping on Amazon, and I’ve remembered to go through your site for most of this year’s shopping so far. It makes me feel better about spending so much!

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