Adam and Eve Make a Discovery November 25, 2010

Adam and Eve Make a Discovery

I’ve always wondered when Adam and Eve figured that out…

(via Wulffmorgenthaler)

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  • Isuru

    Worse thing-

    Adam and Eve’s children slept with each other

  • GentleGiant

    Wulffmorgenthaler (actually two people) have a lot of brilliant strips like this.
    This is yet another great one!

  • Mariela

    Not only do they have the same dad, but he’s been watching them the whole time.

  • I always wondered about the 3rd generation.. bunch of inbred, wont they be? Apparently incest was ok with God then.

  • ScarletA

    yup, pop’s a lurker…

  • bigjohn756

    Even the bunny is shocked!

  • MutantJedi

    Actually… genetically… Eve’s “dad” is Adam. God just doubled up on Adam’s X. More precisely, the human female made from Adam’s rib would necessarily be a modified clone of Adam.

    The offspring of such of Adam and his clone would be…? If every gene in Adam was pure and perfect, perhaps then every gene would be homozygous. Each boy would then be effectively a duplicate of Adam and each girl a duplicate of Eve. Clones.

    At this point, if I were god, I’d give them all white plastic uniforms and blasters – Attack of the Clones.

  • It makes me sad that a single parent like God failed to teach his children proper values. Where was their mother when all this was going on? That’s what I want to know. It seems to be a catalogue of neglect from start to finish. I hear he ended up just throwing the pair of them out on the streets with nowhere to go and not even two coins to rub together.

    I blame the parent entirely.

  • cbob

    It’s okay. God made Adam and Eve close to genetically perfect. So they and their close children wouldn’t have the risks we see today with incest. However, as time went on, more sin entered the world, and the consequences of their sin has been reflected in their genomes. God was merciful in giving us the law prohibiting incestuous relations (Lev. 18).
    -explanation I got from Christian school, paraphrased

  • hoverfrog: WIN!

    and gosh darnit, why are adam and steve, i mean eve always white? seriously, it really annoys me. i know this is an atheist cartoon so i’m not complaining about it here, but every believer’s guide to A&E has always depicted them as white people. um, no. white people came later. if the believers really want to make a convincing argument, they would portray the couple as brown, at the very least.

  • But God is white… and speaks English… and hates all the same things that the good people in the country club hate…

  • trixr4kids

    Where was their mother when all this was going on?

    Presumably Asherah was their mother–OK, Adam’s mother–and Yahweh doesn’t want you to remember her, because she’s one of those other gods thou shalt not have before him. He’s such a prima donna.

  • Actually, I thought the direct translation of Genesis in the Torah said something about Cain, after being banished from Eden, settled in the Land of Nod, where he had a wife and a family.

    Thus, Yahveh made Adam and Eve but other people already existed. Furthermore, that means he wished his people not to mix with others, and he preferred endogamy at lest or incest at worst.

  • Brian Macker

    I think the relationship is closer than that of brother and sister. How many sisters do you know that were fashioned out of the ribs of their brother. Maybe god eliminated Adams Y chromosome and doubled up on his X, so that Eve is a perfect-homo-zygote.

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