A Wonderful Audio Essay on Atheism November 25, 2010

A Wonderful Audio Essay on Atheism

“The Colin McEnroe Show” (on the Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network) aired an episode yesterday on “Atheism, Agnosticism and the Quest for Meaning” — it featured some local atheists and it’s worth listening to if you have a chance.

The highlight, though, is this four minute audio essay by Chion Wolf answering the question: Why atheism?

[I’ve removed the embedded audio. Just go here to hear it!]

Love it!

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  • Oana

    That was awesome. I downloaded it and I will put it on my mp3 player. This clip is a definite keeper.

    (btw, women with dreads are WIN!)

  • Nerdette

    Automatic play on page load 🙁 Fix please?

    (Hemant says: Fixed!)

  • captsam

    thanks for the fix.

  • AWESOME! Great post.

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