Someone at Toys ‘R’ Us Has a Sense of Humor… November 23, 2010

Someone at Toys ‘R’ Us Has a Sense of Humor…

I like how Toys “R” Us categorized the Noah’s Ark Playset… (click to enlarge!)

(Thanks to Jeff for the link!)

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  • Icaarus


    It will be a few years before Toys R Us has my business again (single, no kids), but when it does there will not be any guilt about it.

  • MoonJade

    You call it a sense of humor, but it looks to me like they are simply stating the facts.

  • NFQ


    I like the several comments on that page that complain that the toy set does not include Noah’s wife, and that while “you can use this to teach about the bible” that would make it better. Like … yeah. The absence of Noah’s wife is what makes it unrealistic. (rolls eyes)

    Added: I showed this to my husband and he suggested: “We should spam them with comments demanding that they include 7 of each animal.” 🙂

  • Maybe they were upset about getting on the ‘Nice’ list and wanted to do something about it.

  • Victoria

    To be fair, any religion’s story is considered “mythos”, anthropologically the word “myth” doesn’t mean “untrue”.

  • I clicked that link and was at first happy for T’RS’s choice in qualifying Genesis myth as fantasy and mythology but then I noticed that they also have this dragon playset under the same category. As it dragons are either fantastic or mythological. Pfft. Even Kent Hovind knows they were real.

  • cypressgreen

    @ NFQ, actually, your husband could write a very nice review on Amazon ( insert evil grin here)
    I’m surprised there aren’t any funny ones on there at all yet.

    I did, however, make a comment on one review that Mrs. Noah must have drowned along with all the other people on earth.

  • Fantasy? Mythology? As if! Noah totally traipsed around the world like Marco Polo singlehandedly collecting all of the world’s tens of millions of species of animal, even those that don’t live in the Middle East. He then crammed all of them in a space too small to hold the food that would be needed to feed them, then managed to care for them for a year while all photosynthetic plants on the surface died leaving no geological record of their cataclysmic end. Fantasy? Mythology? I. Think. Not.

  • Travis


  • Thank you!
    I managed to offend somebody at work within two minutes of seeing this.

  • I do hope they say “Merry Christmas” there.

    They agony of choice, and all that.

  • Nice work, Tony. Quick off the mark, that’s what we like to see! XD

  • Hermes

    Well, it is mythology.

    On a serious note, usually myths convey some important cultural facet. The Genesis flood is a horror from end to end and dripping in immorality. How it became associated with children’s toys I’ll never know, but I suspect it’s because Christians don’t read or consider their own religious texts very much.

  • Hermes

    Damn! The link got chopped, ruining my joke. 🙁

  • Awesome 😀 I wish the bible and other texts were classified in such a way

  • Emory

    Well, that really is something… now then, where is the apply to all button?

  • Michelle

    Make me feel better about getting a Harry Potter chess set there. (Yes, I’m double dipping in the nerd pool)

  • Bill O’Reilly is going to SHIT when he sees this!

    Seriously, I sometimes comment when a Noah’s Ark playset comes out that it’s awful weird to have a toy about genocide.

  • Darwin’s Dagger

    @Hermes – A bunch of animals on a boat, it screams children’s toy. But you’re right, they never consider the larger context of the story.

  • fiddler

    Ordinarily I agree with you, but on this one I don’t. Why proclaim a sense of humour when the person needs a congratulation for actually labelling the toy appropriately? It is a rare corporate employee that maintains integrity on this topic, and the person deserves recognition for it.

  • cat

    @Hermes, my grandmother had an absolutely beautiful hand carved wooden Noah set she let us play with. The boat must have been a good two feet long. I used it as a pirate ship and the pigs (which were rather boar like) gutted and pillaged villages. The pigs were captains, Noah was relegated to a victim of their onslaught. I found the story of Noah completely absurd, but damn did I love playing with those evil pirate piggies.

  • Colt

    I work in a bookstore taking in used books. Whenever I can get away with it, and one of my coworkers has taken in some kind of religious book, I classify it as mythology too! Happily for me, the majority of people who work here are atheists, so we all have a good laugh. 🙂

  • toys r us sells to muslims, pagans and atheists too. i’m not surprised. i’m sure some corporate bean counter found this “the least offensive formulation” possible and therefore best.

  • I hope everyone with a blog re-posts this.

  • Bryan

    Oh, wow. Someone at TRU is going to catch hell for “incorrectly” setting up the product feed.

  • wright1

    @cat: “evil pirate piggies”? cat’s childhood FTW!!

  • So there were 2 Noah’s one for regular size people and one for little people…..awesome

  • Just to add common sense to the conversation, if the person was a christian creationist what other category could it possibly fit in?

  • RG

    Where are all the dead humans and animal toys to drop around in the bathtub for all the cute animals in the ark to float over? It’s not the Noah’s ark story without the genocide.

  • Randall

    In a related note, in the Library of Congress cataloguing system (used by major universities, mostly), Bible Studies is catalogued under the call # “BS”.

  • Hamilton Jacobi

    This won’t last. After the shitstorm that happens when people like Bill O’Reilly get wind of this, there will be a new category: Educational Dramatizations of the One True Religion. (All of the others currently listed under Fantasy & Mythology will be as relabeled Heresy & Blasphemy.)

  • Hamilton Jacobi

    The Fairyland Playhouse will have its own subcategory under Heresy & Blasphemy, namely: Toys for Liberal Communist Traitors who want their Boys to Grow Up to be Faggots.

  • Fritzy

    Jeffrey A Meyers, you forgot to mention the fact that the technology to create a sea-worth ship of even those dimensions did not exist at the time–a ship the size of the Ark described in the bible would collapse under it’s own weight, given the materials and engineering knowledge available at the time.

    But of course, anything is possible with god.

  • “Just to add common sense to the conversation, if the person was a christian creationist what other category could it possibly fit in?”

    From my experience, “Historical” and/or “Science”.

  • Two thumbs up for Toys R Us. Don’t like seeing stores run scared of the theocrats. I hope they are hoping to counter being on the nice list.

  • Alex

    This kind of reminds me of bookstores. They have a Christianity Section and a Christian Fiction Section. Just how do they decide which section to put a Christian book in ???

  • Samiimas

    As long as we’re on the subject of funny web pages I just stumbled upon this while wasting time wandering wikipedia:

    A shrug is a form of nonverbal communication that is performed by lifting both shoulders up, and is an indication of an individual either not knowing an answer to a question, or not caring about a result. It can also be used when someone is simply ignoring the person’s question. It may be accentuated with raised eyebrows and/or an exaggerated frown. It is very common in North American culture, rather than properly saying “I don’t know”, they would simply perform a “shrug”.

    Maybe it’s just me but I thought it was hilarious that the very first link in the ‘See also’ section was to the article on agnosticism.

  • James

    Of course it helps the believability if you lived in ancient times when the “world” was thought to be flat and only extend as far in any direction as merchants passing through your village said that it did. In a small world like that, there aren’t as many kinds of animals to save. Did they even know of the existence of large animals like elephants when Genesis was written down? In those days before universal education, when few were even literate, when everyone believed in magic, everyone was a fundamentalist in the sense that they all believed every word of the Bible was literally true. It was a very different world from today, when defenses like “Genesis is only metaphorically true” have arisen in resp0nse to engineering-driven criticism like yours Fritzy.

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