Not a Fan of Hip Hop? November 16, 2010

Not a Fan of Hip Hop?

You will be when you’re done listening to “Beyond Reason” by Tombstone Da Deadman:

(Thanks to Claudia for the link!)

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  • good message, but I’m still not a fan of Hip-Hop. Sorry.

  • I’m not “a fan” of hip-hop in particular, but I do like some. Mostly I just listen for the impressive rhyme cadences (like this one)~

  • Yakoi

    It was pretty good, but I still don’t like hip-hop. But, I give props to this guy, at least he wasn’t doing drugs, hookers, or killing people. =D Maybe more secular hip-hop would be a good thing for the world.

  • Daniel

    Nice, I’ve been on the lookout for more secular/atheistic hip-hop and rap ever since I was introduced to Greydon Square.

  • Anonymous

    My all-time fave, by Greydon Square

  • Noah Wiles

    I’m not a huge hip hop fan either, but the latest album by Greydon Square is AWESOME!!! I can’t stop listening to it ever since I got it! I highly recommend everyone check it out. I think many people will be surprised.

  • Nakor

    Not a fan of hip-hop, but this song definitely has a good beat, except for the chorus, wasn’t too fond of that bit.

    I checked the doobly-doo on the youtube vid and the store link to buy the song ($1) also has two of their other songs for free.

  • Hunny

    The thing is, I love hip-hop, and every other kind of music. It’s just so hard to find any with a positive message (especially hip hop. >.>) This song was seriously epic.

  • captsam

    for hip hop very good.

  • Already was a fan of hip-hop: just not the vast majority of it from the last decade.
    At the risk of appearing to be peering through rose-tinted spectacles: hip-hop has gone downhill rather spectacularly, on average.

  • Awesome stuff. We need to get ourselves more “maintreamed”, and this is one of many ways to do it…

  • ManaCostly

    Nice, though I’m not a big fan of the genre.

  • Luciferadi

    Cool. They should do a video.

  • ML

    Hip-hop it’s one of my faves. This song’s msg. it’s really great. Didn’t like the actual music though. I agree with “The Godless Monster.” I want to see more of this on the radio, and tv. Maybe Eminem will start 😉

  • Valhar2000

    Most hip-hop is, indeed, crap. However, there is a lot of good hip-hop and good rap around. My brother, who is a connoisseur of such things once played a collection of good rap for me and I could immediately tell the difference between that and the crap that they assault our ears with on TV and the radio.

    I still think that Metal kicks Rap’s ass any day of the week, though.

  • I’ve liked this on You Tube and I love Greydon Square. I have called myself an Ex-tian a time or two now.

    Loving this trend.

    There’s some good Atheist music out there in most every genre I suspect. Well, except gospel, of course, and my daughter rolls her eyes on my loving Dan Barker’s music because she thinks it sounds too churchy. She totally doesn’t get it when I say that’s part of it’s charm, turning all that church music I grew up on on its ear.

    You Tube is a wonderful thing. Search it. We are definitely expressing ourselves in every way, shape and form these days as individualized as we are. It is wonderful to see.

  • Toby

    I appreciate the effort…but this is not really that good. The music is very poorly done as well…

  • oambitiousone

    Hearing this makes me appreciate the sounds, infections, and rhythm of words. It’s poetry set to a beat.

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