Take Advantage While You Can November 14, 2010

Take Advantage While You Can

The British edition of The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas is available for the Kindle for only $1.01.

Get it now!

(via Pharyngula)

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  • stevesie

    This looks like the UK edition– from what I understand, the US and UK editions of this book are actually two completely different books. Just a heads up, make sure you know which one you want!

    (Hemant says: It’s the British version and I’ve updated the post to say so! Thanks.)

  • Sackbut

    I’ll let you know. I have a paperback version of the American edition. I just bought the Kindle version of this one.

  • I read this one last year, and my version was definitely from the UK. However, although I found a new cover for the paperback that’s just been released here, it doesn’t seem as though the contents are substantially different. It looks like they’ve removed some essays (probably the UK centric ones) and added others, but the vast majority seem to be the same. Anyone looking for mostly new content is probably going to be disappointed.

  • But the US version has Jennifer McCreight’s essay!

  • Harold

    Also, from the pharyngula discussion, Kobobooks.com has it in epub format for Sony/Nook/other readers. Not sure which version it is.

  • Nakor

    Found it on Kobo for the same price (in CAD no less) and as an ePub instead of Amazon-only format. 😉

  • Revyloution

    Im on the 6th chapter. Wonderful! Very fun.

    I didn’t know that Simon La Bon was an atheist, or that he was active as a secular person. Quite a surprise.

  • Thank you, Hemant. Not only got that but it led to several other books on Atheism and topics of interest to Atheists for free. I finally got “Origin of the Species” which I have never read.

    Feels like you just have me an early Happy Winter (hey, that’s what we call it in our house) present. I love my Kindle. I must have 3 dozen free books waiting to be read still. I am saving so much money on books, it ain’t funny. The thing has definitely paid for itself, just in time for retirement.

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