A $15,000 Matching Offer for the Secular Student Alliance November 11, 2010

A $15,000 Matching Offer for the Secular Student Alliance

Ron Verstappen, a retired software entrepreneur and a board member for the Boys & Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe, wants the Secular Student Alliance to keep up our good work supporting college atheist groups, so he has offered to match the next $15,000 worth of donations!

That offer is only good through New Years Eve, though. If you’ve thought about donating, now’s the time to do it! We’re growing at an amazing rate and the students need your help.

(We’re actually at 223 affiliates right now.)

Our tiny staff does an incredible amount of work. Soon, we will begin expanding into high schools thanks to the help of another generous donor, Todd Stiefel.

Help us spread the secular message.

Post about this matching offer. Tweet about it. Tell your Facebook friends about it. We have two months to double donations and I’d love to reach the $15,000 limit as soon as possible.

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  • Please contribute, because religious groups are doing their best and with much greater funding.

    “The survey revealed that of 40 qualities which represent basic overall personal health, only one finished in a distant dead last. 22% said they possessed this quality: only 22% of our seniors claimed to invest a minimum one hour of time in organized religious activity each week.”


    They want to reinvigorate their numbers regardless of the reality of our human existence and the ridiculousness of religious belief.

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