Happy Anniversaries to Them November 7, 2010

Happy Anniversaries to Them

A few friends (real and virtual) have been blogging for a while and they have reached some important milestones, so consider sending some love their way:

Larry Moran at Sandwalk has been at it for 4 years.

Alise at Big Mama’s Blog is on year 5.

William at The Bolingbrook Babbler has been publishing a local tabloid for 12 freaking years.

I’m impressed by anyone who has the willpower to keep writing a blog for more than a few weeks. It takes a lot of time and energy… and a willingness to put up with criticism if/when it comes your way.

Most people wouldn’t dream of sharing their opinions so publicly, so I have respect for the people who have consistently done it for so long and who write things that need to be read.

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  • Aw, thanks Hemant! I was wondering why I was getting traffic from your blog today.

    Very kind of you to notice — I appreciate it. Glad to know you!

  • Thanks for the link, Hemant, and for all of your support. 🙂

    This week, I’m running a Mayors of Bolingbrook special report. It’s a chance to learn about the alternative history of Bolingbrook through The Babbler’s “first interviews” with each Mayor.

  • Bob

    I’m on an indefinite hiatus over at my blog, which is in a quiet little corner of the internet with only a handful of readers.

    The subjects are mostly news and politics (being as I work in television news), but the wholesale embracing of stupidity that’s the new trend in both news and politics has made taking a break a necessary measure to preserve my sanity.

    I’m not an atheist, so there will be some entries that speak to religion. There is, however, no shortage of scorn for idiot legislators trying to retcon American history.

    http://shadowgm.diaryland.com if you want to peruse the old stuff.

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