Indian Skeptics Offer Reward for Proof of the Paranormal November 6, 2010

Indian Skeptics Offer Reward for Proof of the Paranormal

The leaders of the Humanist Rationalist Association, Godhra (in India) want to show that black magic and ghosts are non-existent, so they’re offering a pretty sizable reward for anyone who can offer proof that those things are real. It’s their version of James Randi‘s $1,000,000 Paranormal Challenge:

This year, the group has thrown a challenge to persons in Godhra by announcing a prize of Rs 50 lakh for anybody who proves that ghosts do exist. The group has also put up banners in this regard in various areas of the town.

50 Lakh rupees is roughly $112,000. And that’s more than enough money to get the attention of the local people.

Still, no one’s even attempted to claim the reward.

(via Los Angeles Atheism Examiner)

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  • 50 Lakh is roughly $112,000

    A lakh is a numbering unit, not a monetary unit. 1 lakh is 100,000.

    50 lakh is 5 million

    50 lakh Rupees is 112,000 dollars

  • Oh there’s my gravatar

  • Sean

    We had a similar challenge here in BC. Good to see that it is getting more coverage!

  • Anonymous

    Still lovin’ this one
    Sceptic challenges guru to kill him live on TV

  • Great to see some public rationalism in India.
    We need the superpowers of the future to be filled with as many sensible people as possible, and I am optimistic about India.

  • I am optimistic about India

    I am not quite as optimistic about India though I’m certainly not ready to write it off. India has even more cultures, religions, races and languages within its borders than the old Austro-Hungarian Empire did and, as in the Empire’s case, there’s a lot of tension between them.

    The situation between the majority Hindus and the Muslims is probably the largest flash point. Mutual toleration is fragile at best. Muslims are almost an underclass with unemployment higher and average income (when they are employed) lower than Hindus.
    There’s little love between them. One Hindu I spoke with lived in a mixed neighborhood and told me how obnoxious the Muslims were with their loud calls to prayer broadcast from every minaret. “It wasn’t so bad before they put in the loudspeakers,” he said. “Now it’s blasted into your ears like the roar of a jumbo jet 5 times a day. We’ve asked them to lower the volume but they refused. They like torturing us.”

    The tension between Hindus and Muslims erupts into rioting every now and then.

    And of course, Muslims aren’t the only group that has a problem with mainstream India. Remember who assassinated Indira Gandhi? It’s enough to make you Sikh.

  • I do not see the point in this, really.
    What were they expecting from people who live in poverty? They do not use religion as a Sunday trip to the search or as an excuse to feel more righteous. They use it as a backup for when ending their miserable lives sounds like a good idea.
    Try to pull this out in America and you might get some good laughs from the nut cases that will attempt.

  • Hugo: it’s a good thing to do for the sake of the young. hard core believers will always be hard to deconvert, but young people who haven’t really made up their minds? different. some of them will look at this and say, “but wait! we’re all poor and all you adults say you believe in ghosts and they are real, so why doesn’t at least one of you prove it and get the money?” from there, that young person will be on our side, forever.

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