He Hates Bags November 2, 2010

He Hates Bags

I want one NOW.

(via Joe. My. God.)

"A sad fact for sure. You literally cannot argue with stupid. We're doomed. HAPPY FACE!!!"

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  • LOL’d. Hard.

    Also, love the Steve Martin / The Jerk reference.

  • I should buy a couple of these for grocery shopping…

  • Neil

    As long as that message is printed on a bag it’s OK. Anywhere else and it’s liable to be misconstrued.

  • Gwenny

    OMG, you hand scrawl in “plastic” and us atheist treehuggers would buy it for SURE!

  • Beijingrrl

    Very funny. Although, not quite as good as the “God hates figs” article.

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