Think About God When You Vote October 31, 2010

Think About God When You Vote

When voting this Tuesday, remember the message from Christianist David Barton:

Forget the economy; just think about God.

(Via Christian Nightmares)

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  • ” An error occurred, please try again”. NOOOOOOO

  • @Dan — Try it again. It should work now!

  • Ugh, No arrogance in presuming to speak for the Creator of the Universe.

  • Rick

    Holy Crap!!

  • Lauren

    Wow….just….wow. Constitution, I spit at thee!!!

  • Nakor

    He literally says that the religious have to aid in controlling political forces… wow.

    I was hoping to look at one of those voter’s guides in a moment of morbid curiosity, but the web site he mentions at the end only tells you where you can pick one up.

  • sailor

    He’s right. Time to vote using Jesus as a model. Vote for the party that wants to look after the less fortunate by providing social services. Time to vote for the party that succors the sick by providing universal health care. Time to vote for the party that wants to help the jobless by creating jobs.
    It up to you guys God will be watching. And by the way you know all that stuff about abortion? Remember do not judge others, that is God’s job.

  • Miko

    When voting this Tuesday

    That’s quite an assumption.

  • Mr Z

    This guy is a corrosive, steaming pile of Christianity. The world would be better without him and all who support this particular variety of Christendom pride. I won’t ever apologize for saying that. It’s absolutely not what their Christ taught, and it’s absolutely bigoted, corrosive, and anti-American. May his soul rot in the hell he believes in.

  • Bwah-ha-ha. Really, this is funny shit.

  • Well, that cleared things up for me…Now I know how to vote. Phew!

  • Luther

    I understand those birds they suggest we observe aren’t doing so well. If they could, I bet they would vote for environmentalists…what do the birds care about jobs or phony gods.

    If we could fly, we could help them poop all over some churches!!!

  • Rob

    I certainly hope this a-hole didn’t make that video with tax free money from the church. Or run that web page telling good christians how to vote enjoying that same tax free status. If so, they need to be reported and their status revoked.

  • Short version: God hates gags.

    At least Phelps doesn’t minx words and comes right out and says what he thinks.

  • ‘Vote the right way, or you’re going to Hell’

    When does voter intimidation cross the line and become a crime?

  • L. Foster

    I especially like the part where he talks about God’s chosen institution of marriage. By which, I guess he means the one in the Bible, right? Dude have you READ about the marriages in that thing?

    Oh and also, if he knew the “unborn babies” before they were in the womb… wouldn’t he still know them after they’re removed from said?

  • Anna

    god wants you be poor so vote republican.

  • I don’t remember Jesus ever voting or standing for public office in the Bible.

  • Blasphemy is a victimless crime

    Would Jesus even be in favour of voting and Democracy? He is pretty much the poster boy of a dictator for life system. :p

  • Ben Porter

    wooo let the economy die, but gays still won’t marry and womens rights will be set back. This guys a genius, or may be just an idiot your choice.

  • gsw

    and yet – these people expect you to give them 10% of your money. Why?
    Surely, like the lilies in the field they neither weave nor do they spin – so they do not need your tithes either!

  • Lauren

    TOOOOT TOOOOOOOOOOT!! All aboard the crazy train!!

  • Robert W.

    There is nothing unconstitutional about this message nor is there anything crazy. People with Christian values are being encouraged to vote those values. No different then those in support of gay marriage or abortion encouraging voters to vote for candidates that support those issues.

    Because you don’t agree with the issues he supports you are attacking the message.

  • Greg

    I’m really bad at telling Poe’s from the real thing.


  • muggle

    I just lol’d at the proverbs verse. What a piece of no shit? Really? Of course, I suspect his idea and mine of wicked/oppressive vastly differ.

    I always thought that parable of comparing people to birds and flowers was ridiculous. Even as a Christian, I was holy fuck, they don’t require the shit people do to survive. And the birds do have to work to build their nests and feed themselves and their young. The lilies are freaking defenseless against anyone who wants to pluck or trample them. Yeah, let’s be like the lilies of the field. Not. What a stupid fucking parable.

  • DocShinobi

    I choked on the meatball I was eating when I heard this nonsense!
    This is about the softest way you can put:
    1) No rights for homos
    2) No rights for women
    3) Screw the first ammendment
    This jackass is the walking posterboy for the “Repress anyone who is not just like me” mentality.

  • jolly

    Robert W.- who said the video was unconstitutional? I am laughing at how stupid the person on the video appears to be and what a hypocrite. The people really ‘groaned’ under Bush II and yet he was in favor of taking away women’s rights like this guy wants. I’m surprised his hair doesn’t catch fire from the burning stupid in his head.

  • Robert W.


    Look at Lauren’s comment and now Doc Shinobi.

  • I’ve always loved the “lilies of the field….” reference in the bible. Obviously Jesus knew absolutely nothing about the difficulties plants (and animals for that matter) face with survival.

  • Ben

    Was I the only one who thought this guy looked like a pedofile? Also, I just don’t understand why anyone would let him talk to him in that manner? Who the hell does he think he is?

  • Silent Service

    Was I the only one who thought this guy looked like a pedofile?

    What the hell does a pedophile look like? That’s just about the stupidest thing you could say. Pick his arguments apart and point out the flaws in his presentation, but leave the blatant fear mongering scare tactics to the Faux News pundits.

  • Serenity

    ….. separation of church and state…?

    that means within myself too.. but whatever… -_-

  • L. Foster

    There’s some stuff in this guy’s own book, about this righteousness stuff he goes on about. Lemme see if I can find it again…

    Ah here we go.

    Proverbs 13:5 – A righteous man hateth lying: but a wicked man is loathsome, and cometh to shame.
    Proverbs 29:7 – The righteous considereth the cause of the poor: but the wicked regardeth not to know it.

    I agree that by this definition of “righteous”, we should consider such things in voting. I’m with Sailor, above.

  • jonathan roberts

    A Facebook meme I’d like to see:

    This is a test of your Faith in Prayer. Do you Believe the United States is a Christian Nation? Do you Believe the Constitution was Inspired by God? Do you Believe God chose America to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ? Show your Faith in Prayer this Election Day. Pray instead of Voting. If you need to vote, your Faith isn’t Strong Enough. Trust God: Pray, Don’t Vote! Copy and repost.

  • @ Jonathan

    THAT is a great idea!

  • bob42

    For those lucky enough not to live in Texas, that dude, David Barton, is the former vice chairman of the Texas republican party and founder of the deceptively named “” an organization which seeks to destroy the separation of church and state.

    He was also one of the “experts” named by the Texas state board of education to advise them on how to best indoctrinate kids in public schools.

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