Pre-Blessed Food! October 30, 2010

Pre-Blessed Food!

I don’t care that I’m an atheist.

Julian Smith makes me want to buy this:

(Thanks to Aaron for the link!)

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  • Don

    I prefer spicy food. Can I get pre-damned food?

  • J. J. Ramsey

    Well there is deviled ham. 🙂

  • muggle

    Sweet, get out of hell free cards. Though I’m not sure I’d want to redeem it. Hell seems rather more fun and you’re welcome without kissing the devil’s butt for all eternity.

    Is this the opposite of that cursed Halloween candy I’ve heard tell about?

  • NewEnglandBob

    But they didn’t cover whether the pre-blessings expire? If they do, then it would require a food expiration date as well as a blessing expiration date.

    I wonder whether blessing begin to lose their potency as the blessing expiration date approaches. Inquiring minds want to know this stuff!

  • Jamssx

    On the BBC series Only Fools and Horses back in the 80’s Del Boy wanted to get a vicar to bless a truck on wine and wafers so he could sell them to churches so they didn’t waste time during communion…

  • hipopotamo

    I snorted coffee out of my nose. This is a gem! Now if I could just walk with one of those pre-blessed packages with a dead-matter-of-fact look in my face…

  • Whoa. That guy’s face looks like he should be a 4chan meme. I haven’t seen a smile like that since Cockmongler.

  • Peter Mahoney

    When I am at relatives houses where they pray grace before meals, I sit quietly while they pray.

    When they are at my house, before meals we do acknowledgments… where each person says something they appreciate/admire about the person to their right or left. My way takes longer, but is WAY more meaningful and uplifting.

  • Noodly1

    Brilliant idea!

    It’s “kosher” for Christians!

    We’re heading to the grocery store in a bit–off to make some stickers!

  • Don’t the Mormons do pre-blessing? No, wait a minute, they do post blessings…

  • Dee Van Horn

    i’m sure angel food cake is blessed, but what about devil’s food cake, or deviled eggs??

  • Anna

    I love the part where they ask the guy what’s happened for him with pre-blessed food – nothing…just like regular blessings!

  • AnonyMouse

    Is there some kind of rule that TV salesmen have to be creepy?

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