Off to the Rally to Restore Sanity October 29, 2010

Off to the Rally to Restore Sanity

I’m off to Washington for the weekend for the Rally to Restore Sanity and March To Keep Fear Alive! Fun times will be had. I’ll do my best to bring a sign with me!

If you spot me, you get bonus points.

Also, if you’re heading that way, a whole hitchload of atheists (well over 200!) will be meeting up at the Lauriol Plaza Restaurant, near the offices of the American Humanist Association and close to the Dupont Circle Metro Station, at 4:00 p.m. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible, so no worries there. And more details are on the Facebook event page.

Whether or not you’re going to the rallies, please use the Twitter hashtag #unitedcor so we can all keep tabs on each other 🙂

Hope to meet a bunch of you this weekend!

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  • Claudia

    I hate you all 🙁

    I’ll have my two person (me and my dad) watch party from Spain. Take lots of pictures!

  • I have some stuff to do in the morning, but maybe I’ll hop a train and head North after that and make it to DC…

  • jose

    OMG Claudia is from Spain! It gives me a stupid, warm feeling of patriotism learning that a person whose comments I like so much and learn so much from for them being always so well reasoned and written, particularly in the recent post about abortion, is from the same country as me!

    Um, sorry about my comment not having anything to do with the post. I’ll be checking facebook for updates!

  • Nerdette

    Hope to see you there, Hemant! Two buses full of free-thinkers from Fredericksburg are going up tomorrow morning!

  • Claudia

    @Jose, se agradecen las bonitas palabras hombre 🙂

  • J. J. Ramsey

    Yeah, Claudia, I hate him, too. How dare he be so close to the presence of Jon Stewart.


    (See, isn’t it obvious that I need to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity more than he does? :P)

  • Meredith

    I am heading up from Richmond via Amtrack. Not sure we will be able to make the meeting afterward, but I will look for you while I am there!

  • Hitch

    Have fun. And restore some sanity and/or fear.

  • Mack

    If you’re going to DC, please don’t just say Washington.

    Washington is a state, one I live in, and you get my hopes when you say these things.

  • talynknight

    I’ll be there for the rally and the after party. Of course it’s a good bit easier to make it when you leave 20 min outside DC.

  • Have fun!

    Also, LOL @ “hitchload”

  • Gabriel

    Wow, I wish I could go and see you all there. Do good work. Have fun.

  • GregDallas

    See you tomorrow (either during or after the rally). Already in DC and totally excited for both the rally and the gathering afterwards!!

  • Ubi Dubium

    We have some Pastafarians meeting at 11:00 in the plaza between the East and West buildings of the National Gallery. Hemant, come get a picture with us!

  • Charon

    I have to say, while I like the idea of sanity and/or fear, I’ve always been an even bigger fan of absurdist humor. And thus my love of this classic Onion article: Alzheimer’s Sufferers Demand Cure For Pancakes. Now these are some real protest signs: My potholder hurts! Stop the picnic apes! Bathe Santa today!

  • I just bought my train tickets. I’ll be up at Union Station at about 1:00PM to be there for at least half of the rally and then I’ll stick around for the other gathering…

    I’ll see if I can home in on Hemant on Twitter.

  • Richard Wade

    I’m heading out to the mall in a few minutes. Look for a guy with a man’s (Indiana Jones) hat and a sign about RATIONAL THINKING. Oooh! Oooh! I’m gonna be on TV! They wouldn’t let me on the Jerry Springer show, but now is my big chance!

    See you either there or at the dinner. Introduce yourselves, since I only know what Hemant looks like.

  • muggle

    I’m jealous. Have fun and party it up for me too since I can’t make it. I’m a teetotaller but those of you who are not, drink one for me. Thanks.

    We (by which I mean those of us who live vicariously through others) expect full reports by Monday, Hemant. With pictures. Something to cheer us up before we go to the polls and get depressed all over again.

  • Chris

    “In the beginning the universe was created. This made a lot of people angry and has widely been considered as a bad move.”

    I actually liked the benediction. Pretty entertaining!

  • Anonymous

    Bless his noodly appendage, the Flying Spaghetti Monster got His photo into Gawker.

  • Had a good time. I’m on the train back to Richmond… Briefly met Hemant. Talked a little with the guy who helped put the atheist billboards up in North Carolina. Talked lot with Richard Wade (a great guy). Saw lots of good signs. My only regret is not seeing the “Masturbating Witches for O’Donnel”. Somone please post pictures. 🙂

  • Richard Wade

    Had a great time. So much positive spirit. I enjoyed the show’s great music, good comedy and inspiring speeches. I saw a “Masturbating Witches for O’Donnel” sign but they got away in the crowwwwwwwwwd before I could get a picture. I have never been amidst so huge a crowd in my life.

    Then what a treat at the restaurant, where I met some of my favorite FA denizens like ubidubium and the ubi brood, and had a really pleasant talk with Jeff P. I’ve been wanting to personally thank him for his encouragement, and his consistently insightful and constructive input to this site.

    I met a couple of people whose names are lost in the confusion and fatigue of my mind, but I’m glad I met them anyway. There were probably several others there whom I’d have loved to meet, but we’re mostly a faceless group, and we didn’t have online nickname name tags. Maybe next time.

    The whole town was still crowded with rally goers miles away from the mall and hours later, and the feeling was still very upbeat and SANE.

  • Thanks Richard for the kind words. I’ve always thought from the get-go that you could bring a nice addition to the FA site and I’m so happy that you have stuck with the advice column so long.

    On another note, before I discovered that “everybody” was upstairs in the restaurant, I was hanging out downstairs at the bar talking to a gentleman from North Carolina. We were dancing around why we happened to be at that particular bar at that particular time. Finally I just said that I was a frequent commenter at the Friendly Atheist blog and a bunch of us agreed to meet here. He then showed me his “One nation, indivisible” shirt and told me how he was the leader of his atheist group in North Carolina and he also was there to meet up with people. Maybe its just a function of growing up in the South, but it was kind-of special to be able to strike up a conversation with someone and be able to say that I’m an atheist. We then spotted Hemant up-stairs and went on up to join the group.

  • muggle

    Thanks, Anonymous, for the link. I love living vicariously. Anybody with any more, please bring them on for the sake of those of us who couldn’t.

    Looks like it was a good turn-out! Could it possibly be that more Americans wanted sanity than division? I always suspected this was true.

    Richard, see, your advice continues to be good. Name tags with on-line aliases what a simply good idea for events like these. Bet it’d help at least a few find each other in the crowd. Glad you and Jeff P had a good chat.

  • Sorry I missed you. I dropped by the Lauriol but you had already departed. The place was so crowded I only stay long enough for a drink myself.

  • Ubi Dubium

    Richard, I was so excited to meet you, and Hemant both! I don’t think I can post my photos in the comments here, but I’ll send them to you. What a day that was! I’m hearing crowd estimates around 250,000, which I would think is correct, considering the crowds I saw and was squashed by. I have seen photos of at least three different incarnations of His noodliness in attendance, and many more people carrying Atheist signs than I had ever seen at an event not specifically for atheists. Yay Sanity!

  • Miki

    My partner and I arrived too late to meet you. Met some other nice guys, though. We were two of three black women there, in case anyone remembers us. 🙂

  • Anna

    I was there, had a lot of fun, sorry I didn’t get the chance to meet you. I think everyone should attend a rally in DC at least once in their life, it was great!

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