Another Incentive to Buy the Skeptics Calendars October 27, 2010

Another Incentive to Buy the Skeptics Calendars

Hmm… JT Eberhard made me an offer regarding the sexy, sexy, skeptic calendars.

If we sell 600 calendars, you can be in the Skepticon 4 calendar.

Hot damn. Get on that, people!

I’ll have tenure by then. So nothing bad could *possibly* happen as a result.

Remember: proceeds go to Skepticon 3, which will no doubt be fantastic.

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  • Dmitri

    I might just buy one then! 😛

  • Hemant, if you are worried about the Illinois school system, you could always pose just from the waist down. 😉

  • flatlander100

    Hmmmmm…. how can I put this diplomatically?

    Might this be considered a reason not to buy one?

  • Based solely on the black and white photo on the main Dudettes page I was going to buy one anyway, there’s just something about that particular photo I simply can’t put into words (probably something to do with the model’s facial expression in that it makes me want to know what she was thinking about at that moment, art seldom does that for me).

    It looks like its a “good” calendar in the sense that the photo doesn’t cross the fold so I’ll also be able to take it apart and frame the ones I find are really good.

    But seeing how the Canadian dollar is so good lately, and the knowledge I’ll be helping the ladies and some of the guys, I decided to get two!

  • Rieux

    Er, have you considered the scene if/when one of your students brings the Skepticon 4 calendar to class for some impromptu Show & Tell next year? (Or mails it to the Illinois Family Institute?)

  • Jon Peterson

    Oh, if I hadn’t already ordered, I DEFINITELY WOULD now.

    I’m not particularly certain why people are getting uptight, even in jest. Hemant could easily do a pose like the guitar guy in this year’s calendar where everything that is indecent for public exposure is fully covered. I’m sure that, while unusual, that is not something anyone could use against him. (Successfully, anyway)

  • muggle

    Yeah, he could use a giant calculator or some other math instrument instead of a guitar.

    Unfortunately, I live with a seven year old who can’t (won’t/refuses) seem to get it in his head even though he’s been kicked out of it a hundred times that Grammy’s bedroom is off limits.

  • Catherine

    I’d love to see Laurie Higgins’ reaction if you did pose. I think we could all hear her head explode across the entire lower 48 states!

  • Jessy_Here

    I bought one for me and one for my boyfriend!

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