It Comes with Dressing…? October 26, 2010

It Comes with Dressing…?

Hmm… I didn’t know atheists were green and dinosaur-like:

A spork would save him time.

(Thanks to Keith for the link!)

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  • kris

    my vagina feels uncomfortable now…

  • Nordog

    I didn’t know that dinosaurs were pro-choice.

  • Liz

    lol @ linking to spork

    anyone who doesn’t know what a spork is…is stupid. no offense.

  • Just Some Guy

    @ Liz
    But, it’s an awesome spork.

  • my vagina feels uncomfortable now…

    I’ve been meaning to mention that… 😉

  • April

    Why is this about atheists?

    If I saw this comic independent of any atheist context, I would assume it was a commentary on the prehistoric medical practices that have doctors unnecessarily resorting to C-sections instead of vaginal birth.

  • I disagree that a spork would have saved any time. Unless she were going to give birth to ready-made Baby Soup, the spoon part of the spork is pretty much useless. As I’m sure you realize, actually making Baby Soup would take quite some time if you want it to be nice and tender.

    On the other hand, the fork and knife he had should allow him to eat the fresh baby as soon as it arrives. Always eat fresh whenever possible. Dr. Babychew has the right idea

  • The afterbirth makes a delectable desert.

  • Jeff B.

    I don’t get it, the creation museum taught me that dinosaurs were vegetarians

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