The Happiest Atheist Logo Ever October 24, 2010

The Happiest Atheist Logo Ever

The Alabama Atheists and Agnostics have an awesome logo:

If that atom came in plush form, I’d totally buy it.

(via Reddit)

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  • p.s.

    If that atom came in plush form, I’d totally buy it.

    here’s a proton from particle zoo
    The rest of them are pretty cute too 🙂

  • That’s amazing.

  • EXCELLENT. I totally lol’d.

  • that’s quietly wonderful.

  • Hazor

    I desire the plush as well. D:

  • SecularLez

    Very cute

  • haha wow that’s amazing!

  • muggle

    I’d buy the poster. It’s pretty cool.

  • Nakor

    That felt like getting smacked upside the head with happy. o.o It’s like, I flipped to the site, and then BAM! Ubersmiley struck.

    I keep thinking I’m not fond of the colours but whenever I look at it I laugh or grin… I guess they did a good job lol.

  • BMcP

    Someone above already beat me to the Particle Zoo. Just buy enough fundamental particles and you can build your own happy atom!

  • Beautifully done!

  • Anonymous
  • Darryl

    I would buy and wear this on a T-shirt, in case anyone from the AAA is looking in. Really, I would!

  • connor

    lol i bet if that was a sign some “offended” christians would just cross out an “o” in good xD

  • I would definitely buy this on a T-shirt. It reminds me of both atheism, and 4chan.

  • Einmaliger

    I love it 🙂

  • inmyhead

    Hmmm…. I need to check this happy group out. 😀

  • It is truly awesome.

  • Cheryl

    Finally, something from my state of which I can be proud – and happy. I sew, so I’m making that plushie. Being out of work, it’ll give me something to do. I can’t afford the t-shirt right now.

  • It would be better without the reflected letters at the bottom, unless they’re trying to go with a graphic design in joke.

  • cypressgreen

    I’d put the logo on the back of the shirt, and just the smiley atom little on the front.

  • cypressgreen

    For those of us not from Alabama, they could print on the tees, “Atheists and Agnostics are Awesome!

  • A very clever logo! I love it. I wonder what negative reactions it receives?

  • Susan Robinson

    Everything a logo should be…..

  • Karen

    I like the slogan, too: “We Believe in Good.”

    Very nice.

  • What a fantastic logo! Love the slogan, too. Well done!

  • Togii

    Publish this shirt for the masses!
    Even living in Missouri, I’d love to have this AAA design on something I own.

  • Peter Mahoney

    Here, here! Another thumbs up (and a smile) for the logo!

  • parv


    Could have easily been even more garish.

  • Am I the only one who wants this on a T-shirt?

    Happy Atheist Atom on the front, “We believe in Good” on the back….

  • Stan

    What is good? Since atheists must believe (against all evidence to the contrary) that there are no moral absolutes (good, truth, beauty are all in the eyes/mind of the individual) than how is good determined? The T-shirt does express a nice sentiment, but how is it applicable if one person’s concept of good and yours are totally opposed to each other?

  • The reverse image shadow could also say “In Good We Trust”. Not everyone would notice it, but it’d be a nice touch.

  • Budrich Fields

    scientifically M-theory or holographic universe puts us in coninuity with something whole and one, but besides that, the more atheists there are,,, makes more room for islam to rule the earth, so to prevent that maybe become christian atheists instead of just atheist in order to help keep the earth balanced.

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