Visiting Dartmouth This Weekend October 22, 2010

Visiting Dartmouth This Weekend

This weekend, I’m speaking at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire! If you’re in the area, please consider stopping by 🙂

Who: Atheists, Humanists, Agnostics (AHA!) at Dartmouth
Where: 001 Rockefeller Hall, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
When: 10/23/10, 4:30 – 6:00 p.m.

The event is free and I accept all presents.

Also, what does one do in New Hampshire during free time…?

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  • Mike

    Also, what does one do in New Hampshire during free time…?

  • Why, oh why do I have to be stuck at work this weekend? Dartmouth College is less than 4 hours from me!

  • PJB863

    I’m not sure, Hemant. But I suspect it’ll involve maple syrup in one way or another.

  • Danish Atheist

    I wish New Hampshire were a teensy bit closer to Denmark 🙂

  • Aubrey

    *high-pitched squealing noise*

    I’m so excited, I think I’m going to pee myself.

    Will be there with bells on, as they say. (or do they? I don’t know, I live in Vermont.)

  • Kelli Wilson

    I live in Walpole, NH, which is somewhat close to Dartmouth. I really wish I could come and see you speak but, unfortunately, I can’t. I’m so disappointed!
    I’m not sure what you’re interested in, but I highly recommend the St-Gaudens National Historic Site in Cornish, NH. I think it’s about a 1/2 hour drive from Dartmouth.

  • 🙁 I don’t get out of work until 4… I won’t be able to make it.

    Maybe I can get somebody to get me out early. Or, would it be cool if I showed up late? (Like, very late? Around 6?)

  • Zerotarian

    Ah, my old stomping grounds (for a couple years)…

    Dartmouth folks know what really matters: hiking and drinking. The foliage should be at its most stunning right about this time of year. The Appalachian trail runs right through Hanover; just follow the white blazes 2-3 miles either east or west out of town (careful, it’s easy to lose the trail in the sea of leaves) and have someone pick you up at a road crossing. Or go visit Quechee Gorge just a few miles west in Vermont (no hiking necessary). Or just take a drive along anything named “River Rd.”

    The pubs in Hanover are quite cozy, and there’s a good brewpub (Seven Barrel) in West Lebanon (about 5 miles south of Hanover).

    If you’re there overnight, eat breakfast at Lou’s Bakery.

    At least, those are the things I would do if I were going back for a brief visit…well, those or road biking.

  • Heidi

    There’s nothing to do in New Hampshire other than staring at trees. Dang it, though. That’s only 2 hours north of here, but my car is broken. 🙁

    Also, hate to disappoint on the leaves, but I hope you like yellow and brown. (Dartmouth Live Cam)

  • Dan Covill

    Just drive out of Hanover anywhere on a 2-lane road and look at the countryside. Shouldn’t be much snow yet.

  • sailor

    Thanks for coming to Dartmouth Hermant, you gave a totally awesome presentation. It was very funny with excellent points made along the way and you had everyone’s rapt attention for well over an hour. You are a wonderful speaker.

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