Foundation Beyond Belief Chooses Replacement Beneficiary October 20, 2010

Foundation Beyond Belief Chooses Replacement Beneficiary

After the Soulforce debacle, Foundation Beyond Belief has a new beneficiary in our Human Rights category:

We are pleased to announce that MARRIAGE EQUALITY USA has been selected as our new beneficiary in the Human Rights category for 4th quarter 2010.

MEUSA is a U.S. national organization dedicated to securing the legal recognition of same-sex marriage through education and outreach.

“Our sincere gratitude to you and the Foundation!” wrote Christine Allen, leadership coordinator for MEUSA. “We function on a shoestring, a threadbare one at that, so every cent is very deeply appreciated….Our money goes directly into the monthly expenses to keep the org going, to put supplies and public education materials directly into the hands of our volunteer leaders and chapter members.”

Like Soulforce, there are religious people in the MEUSA leadership, but unlike Soulforce, there’s no religious overtones to this organization. They’re doing the right things for the right reasons.

If you’d like to give to MEUSA and a lot of other excellent charities, it’s not too late! Consider becoming a member of Foundation Beyond Belief.

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  • MaryD

    There already is marriage equality, men and women are equally free to marry.

    Campaigning for same-sex ‘marriage’ is as stupid as campaigning for IVF for men. Don’t waste your money.

  • J. J. Ramsey
  • Claudia

    @MaryD, after you’re done with JJ. Ramsey’s video, this little gem is also for you with my love.

  • It appears that MaryD is not the sharpest tool in the shed. (and not the sharpest troll). Very very poor analogy there Mary about IVF.

  • Aaron

    Has there been an uptick in the number of trolls lately, or is it just me?

  • Vas

    Has there been an uptick in the number of trolls lately, or is it just me?

    Nope it’s not just you trolling is up.

    Thanks for the link Claudia

  • Drew M.

    Claudia, That clip is awesome!

  • Valhar2000

    J.J. Ramsey, that was a stroke of genius!

  • Nope it’s not just you trolling is up.

    And grammar is down.

  • Access to housing, employment, and health care services for queers are much more important than marriage equality. I am extremely disappointed in this decision. Too many queer community services have been going bankrupt because money is only being donated and spent for marriage equality. It is not a magic bullet that will fix all the problems in our society. Marriage equality is a very very tiny piece of the puzzle. If you want to donate money to the queer community look for local grassroots movements or community centers. They are in need of funding to continue running and offering their services.

  • SecularLez

    Instead of giving to an org that will further add to the discrimination against single people or those who do not wish to marry, why not give to Alternatives to Marriage?

    I invite many of you to read, “Beyond Straight (And Gay) Marriage.”

  • SecularLez

    I couldn’t agree more with oddboyout.

  • Better but still not good. They partner with churches.

  • Eh, it’s a far better option than Soulforce. No proselytizing here.

  • J. J. Ramsey

    Valhar2000: “J.J. Ramsey, that was a stroke of genius!”

    No, just me having gotten the in-jokes of perhaps too many Internet reviewers into my head. (It’s also the sort of stroke I reserve for those I think are acting in bad faith.)

  • Pseudonym

    I’m glad the FBB feels better about itself, and I’m glad a worthy cause is getting the nod, and I’m glad that Soulforce is taking the opportunity to look at its messaging. The whole ideological purity thing is still completely and utterly absurd.

  • Thanks for mentioning the Alternatives to Marriage Project, SecularLez! Many AtMP members see marriage as a religious institution and are seeking other ways to express their commitment. Our goal is to expand the civil rights now associated with marriage – the legal and economic package – to a wider range of relationships, reflecting the reality of how people live today. Please join us at!

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