The Social Network and Darwin Mashup October 19, 2010

The Social Network and Darwin Mashup

The poster for The Social Network is just ripe for parody…

I love this Darwin version 🙂

(Thanks to Bryan for the link!)


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A Pastor Who Raped and Impregnated ..."

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  • Michelle

    Darwin is now my current screen saver.

  • Gliewmeden

    I really needed these posters today. Thanks! It seems that lately anyone I speak to about our CFI events coming up I get a cranky face from them. Even so much so that the person I am speaking to won’t even consider what the event is about. This next session is on Paranormal Investigation with Benjamin Radford. Where is the nastiness in that? I think it’s just pure fun!

  • How about “You can’t leave a religion of peace, love, and forgiveness without making a few enemies.”

  • Brody

    You Don’t
    Make A
    Without Using
    As Your Font

  • Bryan

    I definitely thought it the picture would be put up! I’m glad you like it!

  • Meh. I like the concept, but the wording seems awkward.

  • Danny Wuvs Kittens

    I agree that the wording is somewhat awkward, but more than anything for me, it was difficult to read, since he has a long white beard that happens to match the text. Other than that, kick ass.

  • Or, “You can’t invalidate biblical literalism without making a few enemies.”

  • sailor

    Should be:
    You don’t get new knowledge without pissing off many ignoramuses.

  • Kamaka

    Darwin killed god.

    And he knew it.

  • Greg

    You can’t enact world domination without making a few enemies.

    What? Darkmatter’s YouTube video in one of the previous stories shows they know all about our plans, anyway! 😛

  • I like sailor’s caption better but love it!

    And I agree with Kamaka.

    Greg, ssh, they’re supposed to be thinking that was a joke.

  • Secular Stu

    You don’t get to evolve without a few million years.

  • Tmgrin

    Normally I really like the content of this site, but this is no better than the shitty logo rip-off tee-shirts that the evangelicals make. Don’t let us get lopped into that group.

  • Jason

    When you try to convince people that over 220 million years, mutations filtered by natural selection will evolve a shrew (the supposed first mammal) into a human, some folks will recognize that as religious belief, not science.

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