God is Black October 17, 2010

God is Black

David Hayward talks about the silence of god:

It’s amazing to me that religious people live their lives as if god is speaking to them in all those black panels and they know precisely what he’s saying… and then, they get call us “militant” or “angry” for pointing out the obvious: there’s nothing there.

(via nakedpastor)

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  • Nicely illustrated. Like it. ^_^

  • I also wonder about people who believe that other people have talked to god.

  • My neighbor, who is pretty much my best friend, is a capable, sane, responsible adult. Yet he has described conversations with his god…

    Yet, if I were to go to a sane person and describe conversations with Zaphod Beeblebrox, I’d hauled away to the funny farm.

  • Charles

    Kind of makes me wonder if these people understand the inner monologue.

  • redhairedagent

    I’d rather talk to Zaphod.

  • NFQ

    I don’t get it — I love all these Naked Pastor comics by David Hayward that you post. I find that they illustrate problems with faith-based belief, and problems with the Christian ideology and Christian community so well. But … I’m surprised that Hayward is a Christian. Haven’t his cartoons deconverted him yet?

  • rest

    Replace “Lord” with any god of your choice, and you’ll get the same answer.

  • You see, they have special Golden Spectacles that allow them to see the words written in the darkness. And no, you cannot see the special Golden Spectacles, they’re magical and you only get them when you believe that they’re there.

  • Scott-K

    NFQ – I’ve often wondered the same thing. Instead of ignoring the “elephant in the room”, he seems to delight in feeding it peanuts. His work is entertaining and insightful… but I do wonder how he hangs on to his beliefs.

  • hahaha. this is amazing. Just hallucinate whatever you please into the dark spaces 😀

  • BoomerChick

    It is even more amazing (and frightening) that our (U.S.) politicians and aspiring politicians govern or aspire to govern based on their conversations with god.

  • death is scary. can we all admit that? no matter how strong or sure you are, death is still a (if not *the*) big(gest) thing in life to accept. so don’t mock them too hard. it’s actually a lot easier to fill in the dark panels with superstition, than it is to accept that death is final, absolute, and inevitable.

    that said, heh. yes, that’s pretty much about it. talking to god is like talking to a brick wall. some of us know that. some of us aren’t afraid to accept that. some of us are even willing to say so, and say other stuff. like “do you know how silly you seem, “praying” to someone who isn’t there?” it’s fun to do so, but in the end, what moves me is mostly pity. so much superstition. so much fear. all because the human mind is not, in fact, immortal. hell, maybe it is, in the sense of physics, and it will take the “death of the universe” to destroy the matter of our beings. still, i’ll like being a star and i don’t mind an end to human pain. if the agnostic solution turns out to be the correct and true one, i’m still not worried, yo.

  • Dave Kirby

    @Jeff P

    “I also wonder about people who believe that other people have talked to god.”

    I believe other people have talked to god. I just don’t believe that he has talked back.

  • Ben

    it’s actually a lot easier to fill in the dark panels with superstition, than it is to accept that death is final, absolute, and inevitable.

    If that was the only box being filled in, then there wouldn’t be a problem. It’s when their answer to death starts talking to them and telling us all what we should be doing in life that’s the issue.

  • Arctic Ape

    The difference between talking with God and talking with Zaphod Beeblebrox:

    With Zaphod, you’re not the one who responds to himself.

  • Silent Service

    I talk to god all the time. Its not a problem though because he hasn’t answered back yet. When he does, y’all better run. 🙂

  • God actually is speaking in those other panels. It’s just so dark you can’t read what he’s saying.

  • K F

    @Chicago Dyke

    You have a point. Honestly, I totally *wish* I could believe in a religion, and think that there was some sort of heaven. I mean, I get it. It’s comforting, makes dying and stress and everything bad that happens to all of us from time to time less scary.

    But… I just can’t. Not only because I just can’t for one minute believe it, but ethically, and morally, my conscience wouldn’t allow me to be in lock step with the kind of demands most religions make of it’s followers on certain issues.

    I can appreciate why people believe, and even understand to a point. But I refuse to devalue our lives in the way that religion does. The idea that this life is just a test, the opening act of eternity… it’s comforting, but it’s disgusting.

    I was at a funeral last weekend at a Catholic church. And the priest was speaking about the deceased… he made a comment that no matter what we do with our lives here on the Earth, it can never be fulfilled. By anything, love, hobbies, careers, family, anything. We only need accept Jesus Christ, live according to his scriptures, and only then in Heaven can we receive fulfillment. That’s just abhorrent. It’s essentially saying our lives here don’t matter at all, and to me it says a lot about why religious people do things. It really is selfish, and brutish, the essential meaning here being that they are only good people because they hope to receive some kind of reward. That’s part of what makes me sick when I think about religion. One thing of many. But still. I do understand, dying is scary. But not actually living this life to the most awesome extent we can is the greater crime, regardless of whether it’s our only life, or it really is just an opening act to Eternity, or we get reincarnated, whatever. I’d rather know that I did things I loved and could be proud of, met people that challenge and stimulate me, experienced love and family and all that; essentially lived a good life on my terms, because I want to, or for friends and family… not because of some book. That’s my motivation.

  • K.F.

    Yes, modern Christian theology is the ultimate in getting something for nothing. That is why it is popular. You don’t have to do a damn thing, just “accept Jesus” and you will go to heaven.
    The theology works fine as long as everyone plays along and no-one criticizes it. That is why they get so upset about any indication that atheists (or rebel or naked pastors) actually exist.

  • TychaBrahe

    “You are a fool, and so am I, and so is anyone who claims to know the mind of God.” From the book of Bokonon.

  • spink

    I agree 100% with the “Golden Spectacles” concept! My friends and family who are otherwise quite sane will say things like,”well, you have to have faith, and THEN God will help you.” So for the first 16 years of my life, when I did have faith, where was he? When I was praying or in trouble, I don’t remember God swooping in with a response. But at this point, I’m pretty sure that Dumbledore’s phoenix is more reliable than God… I will never get my golden spectacles back and I’d rather read about wizards anyways.

  • Well you can lead someone dying of thirst to water, but you can’t force him to drink.

    I guess the same could be said about facts and making conclusions based upon them.

  • JSavek

    @Chicago Dyke

    I’m a life-long atheist and I am not afraid of death. I know it will be nothing. I don’t have to be afraid of not making it to heaven and suffering in hell forever. THAT is scary!

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