Godless Wine October 15, 2010

Godless Wine

Well, I’ll be damned. They made a wine just for atheists:

(Thanks to Doug for the images!)

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  • franz dibbler

    Merlot is too overpowering for the subtle taste and texture of baby.

  • Claudia

    You know it’s classy wine when it’s best served with “pizza or red meat dishes”.

  • Was this made by converting God blood to wine, in a reverse transmutation? (I just read Morrow’s Towing Jehovah, so I’ve got the whole reverse Eucharist thing on the brain.)

  • “pizza or red meat dishes”

    Atheists prefer “the other white meet”.

  • OverlapingMagisteria

    I apologize if I an an idiot, but I’m not seeing how this is an atheist wine. If I squint, the cats sorta resemble the FSM but that seems like a stretch…

    A little help?

  • Dmitri

    I don’t get it either, OverlapingMagisteria.

  • Steve

    Organizing atheists has been compared by some people to herding cats. Because atheists tend to be very opinionated and independent – and don’t necessarily have much in common besides a lack of belief in god.

  • Dan

    I too don’t get it. Is it because:

    – The leopards don’t believe in a god?
    – South Africa has become an atheist part of the world when I wasn’t looking?
    – Religious people no longer have finicky friends?

  • Philip

    I get it, but I like this one too. Still not necessarily godless, but closer I think.

    Evolution wine. Check it out.

  • Robert

    Either there is an atheistic reference here that I don’t get either, or someone associates “herding cats” with atheism much too strongly. If it’s the former: Please elaborate; In the latter case: meh.

  • Rich Wilson

    Managing software engineers has also been compared to herding cats… So is this wine for software engineers?

    And I think those are cheetahs, not leopards.

  • Maliknant

    I’m Not Drinking Any #@%!$ Merlot!

  • trixr4kids
  • bernerbits

    No, no. It’s clearly a wine for a DM trying to get his players together for a session.

  • However, the rule of thumb is: Never drink a wine that has an animal on the label.

  • Don’t get it: 8th’d

  • Mel

    Thanks for explaining this one, it had gone over head. I too thought from the thumbnail that the label had a FSM!

  • Ah, I miss South Africa. If anyone has the cash to spare, give the Herding Cats a miss, and travel to the beautiful vineyards of Stellenbosch, with their gabled and thatched farm houses, and spend a few days tasting all kinds of delicious wines.

  • Luciferadi

    I didn’t get this, either. (Thanks for the explanation, Steve.)

    I don’t think atheists can exclusively claim the phrase “herding cats,” however. While I can see how it might be appropriate, it’s a common expression and all sorts of people continue to apply it to many types of situations.

    The label design is cool, though!

  • littlejohn

    There’s really no need to avoid wines with animals on their labels. Avoid wines with pictures of railroad trains on their labels. And no, I don’t get it either.
    Hemant, I love you like my cool ethnically obscure situation-comedy best-friend neighbor, but when you have to explain the joke, it isn’t funny.
    Now, let’s go bowling with our amusing gay, overweight mutual friend! Hilarity ensues!

  • Laughed when I saw the post. I’m surprised how many people are claiming to have never heard the phrase. Figured that was up there with “raining cats and dogs” and the ilk.

  • lol. never drink out of a bottle with an animal on it.
    I never heard that one before.

  • OMG, it’s like organizing a Pride event! Herding kittens….

  • littlejohn

    I assume most of us had heard the expression “like herding kittens” before, but were unaware that atheists had any special claim to it.
    I’ve heard political pundits apply it members of certain political parties long before I heard it applied to atheists. That’s why I, at least, didn’t “get it.”

  • @littlejohn:

    I don’t think anyone is saying that atheists have a special claim to the phrase. Long before joining the A Team, I used it for years when describing trying to organize a night out with my friends:

    “Let’s go here.”
    “I don’t like that. Let’s go there.”
    “No, no, no, go to the third option.”

    Repeat for two hours.

    As Steve pointed out above, it’s applicable to organizing atheists and skeptics due to the strong independent streak of the individual members.

  • Non-Litigious Atheist

    I get it – the powers that be want to ‘herd’ you.

    Flattering, ain’t it fellow lemmings?

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