Mmm… Baby Peanut October 14, 2010

Mmm… Baby Peanut

Someone buy me this.

(The baby comes included, right?)

If you’re dressing up an infant in some ridiculously cute costume this Halloween and you don’t send me the pictures, I’m coming after you.

(Thanks to Randall for the link!)

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  • That was mistake… you’re inbox is going to be filled with pictures now…

  • TruFru

    Read the fine print. It says serving suggestion.

  • Danielle

    It looks like its shaped like a penis.

  • my sister dressed up her hubby and herself as BBL players, some famous ones ii don’t know, and put their 1.5yo baby daughter in a basketball. it was very cute. the year before that, the infant was dressed in a mini-chewbacca costume, and she was amidala and he was leo calrsn. infants and toddlers are so fun to dress up, you can do almost anything.

    my vote for this year is for “baby Torquemada” but i don’t think they will, darnit.

  • It looks like a planarian D:

  • BeamStalk

    Okay, okay, I will get my 4 month old baby boy’s costume on and in a picture to send to you.

  • stogoe

    Where’s the monocle and top hat?

  • Nicole

    Danielle beat me to it. It coulda been cute but… wow

    I still love the taco one though

  • Robert

    So is this what atheists eat at baseball games?

    Just a joke folks 🙂

  • ManaCostly

    Looks like a dotted penis costume.

  • Steve

    My penis looks nothing like that

  • Russell

    plenty of food baby costumes on here. My favorite has to be the lobster in a pot baby at #41

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