David Hayward’s First Book is Out! October 1, 2010

David Hayward’s First Book is Out!

I post cartoons by David Hayward on this site all the time. He’s a wonderful critic of the church, though, make no mistake, he’s a proud Christian.

He just released his first book, nakedpastor 101 and I encourage all of you to pick it up.

You can buy it as an eBook or paperback right now. Signed copies will be coming soon.

Congratulations to David — I’m so excited for him 🙂 He has a message a lot of Christians need to hear and I thank him for sharing it.

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  • CS

    I probably wouldn’t have taken it for fear of looking religious. I was religious at the time, but high school is all about looking right.

    Teaching high school students more about world history in general would be wise. Religion is definitely part of that history, and would make more sense in that context.

  • Hah! Awesome. I like the cover cartoon as well 🙂

  • Give credit where credit is due. Instead of enabling the church he is speaking out against the church (I assume to improve it, which is fine). We need more peeps, more Christians, to do the same.

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