What’s Really the Bigger Deal? September 29, 2010

What’s Really the Bigger Deal?

Blow up a school for girls? No one pays attention.

Burn a Koran? Now, that’s blasphemy.

So say Jesus and Mo:

It’s true — too many religious people make a way bigger deal about the desecration of holy books and crackers than they do about the desecration of human beings in those religious environments.

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  • You’re ignoring the bigger issue here… UN to Outlaw Teasing? This is big news! Religious people can finally be safe against atheists!

    But you’re absolutely right. The thing is, to the more zealous believers, blasphemy is a worse sin than murder, rape, theft, and picking your nose, combined.

  • MH

    So the lesson is to have the girls schools keep a Koran in each room. If the school is fire bombed they accuse the Taliban of Koran desecration and blasphemy, then demand the Taliban kill themselves.

  • Samiimas

    Am I the only one the least bit curious about why they’re shirtless and sharing a bed?

  • Anonymous

    Like I keep saying, I’m surprised that the Qu’r’ans don’t catch fire all by themselves, based on their content.


  • If the media had treated the Koran burning like any other hillbilly burning his own property this never would have become an international issue.

    But that’s beside the point. I feel no sympathy for a religion that cries fowl and starts issuing death threats whenever someone else doesn’t submit to their religious taboos.

    People disagree with you, get used to it.

  • Well duh! They can always grow more people in their tummies. It isn’t like you can just print more holy books.

  • Anonymous

    Pakistan – LHC upholds death for blasphemy accused


    LAHORE: A division bench of the Lahore High Court on Wednesday confirmed the death sentence handed down to a blasphemy convict and ordered that he be hanged till death.

    This is the second case of its kind in the country when the death sentence of a blasphemy accused has been confirmed by the LHC since inception of the blasphemy law.

    An Additional District and Sessions Judge Lahore on May 27, 2002 had awarded Wajihul Hassan death sentence for allegedly uttering blasphemous remarks against the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and other prophets. He was also accused of hurting religious sentiments of the complainant – Senior Advocate Muhammad Ismail Qureshi…

  • muggle

    I just walked my grandson to his school bus. Biggest worry, how he was going to get a birthday party invitation to a friend he requested who was in his class last year but apparently not this year and doesn’t live in our apartment complex. God, we have it easy.

    That these girls keep going to school despite this idiocy is a testament to their strength and courage. That their parents keep sending them is not only a testament to their strength and courage but to their insight and eye on changing on the future for their daughters. I cannot imagine for the life of me having to risk my grandson’s life now for the hope of his having a decent future later. What a horrible position for a parent to be in.

  • Of course. For all of their blather about “the sanctity of life” they really don’t care about human beings. The women brood sows can always have more–that’s what gawd created them for. Meanwhile their little books and idols must be respected and protected at all costs because they’re “religious”.

  • Hypatia’s Daughter

    Why is God/Allah so obsessed with sexual morality, anyway?
    There are very rational secular reasons why it matters to men. They want purity so they can guarantee any child they raise is theirs (they don’t want to waste energy raising some other man’s child). But why would it matter to God/Allah? He wants he pets to “go forth & multiply”, so why does it matter who the father is?
    Amazing how often God/Allah wants the religious to do precisely what they want to do….
    “God/Allah, I am so mad at my cheating wife, I want to kill her!”
    “Why, my devoted follower, I was just thinking the same thing. GO forth, with my blessing.”

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