Support Girls’ Education in Namibia September 27, 2010

Support Girls’ Education in Namibia

Reader Greg is an atheist working for the Peace Corps, teaching math and physical science at a girls’ school in Namibia. Besides his in-class work, he’s also spreading the message to his colleagues and community members that it’s possible to be a non-Christian who does good deeds — an important statement to make in a heavily Christian nation.

There’s a problem for the girls attending the school, though:

At the beginning of this year, my school was given a new class of grade 11 students. Many of these students live very far from school, over 80 km for some. A few students were able to find accommodation within the community, but others could not.

Sixteen girls have begun using an unfinished building as a school hostel. The girls sleep on old mattress on top of a dirt floor. This living situation poses many health problems for these students. The community built the room but unfortunately did not have sufficient funds to complete it.

Greg and his colleagues are trying to complete the construction — building a cement floor, installing a ceiling, creating bunk beds, and getting new mattresses. While over $17,000 has been donated for this already, they’re about $1,600 short. If you’d like to donate to the cause, all the information is here.

It would be wonderful to tell the community that the donations to complete the hostel came from a pack of atheists 🙂

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  • Adam

    Thanks for posting this. I have been wanting to do more lately to actually help the problems in the world instead of just bitching about everything. Even if just $20 at a time, I really want to try and make it a habit as I get rid of the cynicism I’ve developed from spending 25 years of my life as a baptist, and half of that as a southern baptist.

  • word
    thanks for posting it. i will pass this on..

    you are so right, this is important..

  • Jordan

    How about Canadian Atheists?

    Their website only allows for input of American addresses. If Greg is reading, please let me know if the address is immaterial. I don’t care about the tax rebate but the credit card payment might not be processed due to an address mismatch.

    Thank you for doing this work!

    Edit: Just noticed the international address option!

  • Pensnest


  • Jim T

    Great work, thanks for posting. I made small donation

  • Eliza422

    I went and made a contribution and specifically mentioned linking over there from here in the comments. Figured I’d let them know!

    eta: they aren’t updating the amount needed real time, so if they amount goes over the money goes to the global fund. Just thought I would mention it.

  • trixr4kids

    I will be contributing on Friday or Monday at the latest (things are always tight at the end of the month!)

    Thanks for posting this! Gonna share it with my skeptic’s book club.

  • Lynet

    Done! I mentioned in the comments while donating.

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