I’m Not Frightened September 22, 2010

I’m Not Frightened

Least. Offensive. Satanist. Club. Ever.

(Thanks to Ben for the link!)

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  • BunyipAndler

    Haha, this is awesome. This was done by Picnicface: the guys that did Powerthirst.

  • Just don’t make fun of Thor. Then they will get really mad! 😉

  • Canadian Atheist, Eh



  • Claudia

    Bill Donohue is offended. Not that he’s seen the video, he’s just that way on default.

  • NFQ

    Oh my FSM this is delightful!!

    @BunyipAndler: I thought it sounded like Powerthirst. 😀

  • Tony


    Yes, this will be my next blasphemous outburst when I hit my thumb with a hammer or such.

  • This video has successfully converted me to Satanism. 🙂

  • False Prophet

    That. Was. Awesome.

  • Hilarious!!!!!

  • That was actually really funny. Coming from Collegehumor, I’m surprised!

  • LS

    My friends and I have taken to greeting each other with lines from this video.

    @Tim D. 80% of what CH produces in lame, but they also outproduce almost every other online sketch video site by something in the range of 400%. Some of it is bound to be crap.

    But the videos they spend more time on are often quite worthwhile.

  • muggle

    Freaking hilarious. Jesus in a bubble bath does make the perfect curse!

    Perfect timing. I needed the laugh. Grandson gave me a hard time today about getting his butt off to school.

  • Parse

    My interpretation of a satanic club involves bacon, lettuce, tomato, and deviled ham. I’ll let you decide if that’s less offensive or not. *grin*

  • NFQ

    @Parse: Please tell me that is on a restaurant menu somewhere … ? I so want it to be.

  • Love it!

  • Parse

    @NFQ, not that I’m aware of. Totally should be, though.

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