American Atheists Has a New President-Elect September 16, 2010

American Atheists Has a New President-Elect

It’s such an obvious choice, I’m amazed it didn’t happened sooner.

David Silverman has been tapped to become the next president of American Atheists.

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy or a better spokesperson for atheism. Having worked with him in the past (and working with him now on a project I’m very excited about), I’m thrilled about the news.

Silverman has been with the organization since 1996, holding positions of NJ State Director, Communications Director and Vice President. He hosts the Atheist Viewpoint TV program, blogs on the NoGodBlog, has appeared on numerous public affairs and news programs, and debated religious apologists across the country.

Silverman noted that he is the first president of the organization who never met Madalyn O’Hair, founder of American Atheists and a plaintiff in the historic Supreme Court case to remove prayer and bible recitation from public schools. “I’m committed to remembering and honoring the important principals Madalyn represented. We’re re-committing American Atheists to a more visible role for nonbelievers in the fight for state-church separation and public policy.”

Dave begins the job next week, taking over for the previous president, Ed Buckner.

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  • Rieux

    Someone really should contact AA and tell them to correct the boneheaded “principals”/”principles” mistake in that press release. It looks awfully dumb in its current state.

    …Okay, I’m doing it myself.

  • Drew

    Fo sho Rieux. I thought the same thing as I was reading.

  • Yesterday I met American Atheist’s former president Ellen Johnson. She gave a great speech about her new organization, Enlighten The Vote. After the speech during the Q&A, she talked very candidly about her history with the organization. While she was very positive, I couldn’t help but feel that she was run out of the group for no good reason. It seemed kind of sad.

    I hope Dave Silverman the best of luck and I look forward to working with him in the future. I don’t think we need atheist feuds and so I hope American Atheists and Enlighten the Vote can work together for our common goals despite personal issues.

    With that said, I think every atheist should donate at least $10 to Enlighten the Vote so that we can get Wynne LaGrow elected to Congress.

  • Jerad

    Good luck Rieux, when I was a member they couldn’t correct the spelling of my own name despite several requests from me.

  • Riccardo

    Hooray for David!

  • Enlighten the Vote? Strangely ironic when you consider the reason I originally left American Atheists (I rejoined later) was because she was publicly suggesting that people should withhold their vote to make a point.

    I just checked the page and some version of the comment is still there. It’s a shame really, apart from that one “unenlightened” comment, it’s the sort of organization we need.

    Once upon a time, you couldn’t talk about atheism in the United States without mentioning American Atheists. A lot has happened since then and I sincerely hope that David Silverman can rebuild the organization to that status.

  • i’m pretty organization-shy these days. far too many of them fall into internal squabbling and irrelevance. i almost don’t blame some of the lefty ones; political “activism” these days is all about being able to write the biggest check, and that’s generally not groups like these. i wish him and AA the best of luck. court challenges are it, and i support them.

  • «bønez_brigade»


  • Rieux

    Hooray–it took more than twelve hours, but someone (it appears it may have been Silverman himself) fixed the “principals”/”principles” mistake.

  • Dave Silverman is quoted in NYTimes today,”I gave a Bible to my daughter. That’s how you make atheists.” I couldn’t agree more; only my little red book is a quicker read. The God Awful Truth About Heaven represents the first time anyone has ever abstracted the actual/alleged words of Jesus describing heaven. How do I contact Dave to make more atheists? Jack Beam Chicago

  • David Dodge, Jr.

    I agree with Jack Beam’s comments. I have read Jack’s book– it is wonderful!

    Mr. Silverman is a well positioned leader going forward.

    In rural People’s Republic of China, my wife took Bibles away from people who were intellectually weak and reaffirmed Mao Tse Tung’s atheism in its place.

    As a child.

    To grow up in an objective environment like that without religiosity is but a dream for the weary Westerner, Islamist, or Jew.

    Only the Chinese can grow up without the saddle of religiosity?

    Is that a birthright?

    How can we change that?

    Mr. Silverman, please continue your push for our rights.

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