Atheist Billboard Goes Up in St. Louis! September 14, 2010

Atheist Billboard Goes Up in St. Louis!

Add St. Louis, Missouri to the list of places that are home to an atheist billboard:

“We… want people to know there are many humanists, freethinkers, agnostics and atheists living here,” added Kate Lovelady, coordinator of the Greater St. Louis Coalition of Reason. “We’re your coworkers, neighbors, friends and family members. And like many people, we contribute to the community and hold ethical values we live by.”

The billboard is near St. Louis University and was funded by $5,850 from the United Coalition of Reason.

You know, if we put billboards up *everywhere*, the vandals can’t possibly get to them all. Yes. I like that strategy. Let’s stick to it.

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  • Rebecca

    I can’t wait until I drive past one of these some day. The most frequent billboard I pass is a giant JESUS IS REAL sign, followed by two billboards listing the 10 commandments.

  • FYI, St. Louis University is a Jesuit school, and they run an elementary and high school as well, so good choice of placement!

  • Cutthroatjane

    It’s about time! It gets so lonely in Missouri when just about everyone you meet tries to shove religion down your throat.

  • Rollingforest

    Are there any of these billboards in Virginia? Hemant keeps posting all of these posts on billboards but most of them seem to be out West. I know that they are needed in the Bible belt, but I think that there is some potential for recruiting in the newly christened (no pun intended) swing state of Virginia. We recently yanked it out of the Republican’s hands for the Presidential election of 2008 after a 44 year dry spell and I think that promoting secular values there can bring real results.

  • Kay

    As a St. Louisan, couldn’t be more proud! Though down by SLU could be a major issue. As a Jesuit University, most of the population follows suit.

  • wishinitwas

    I want one of these in NH, with a moddo of “live free or die” the irony of vandalism would be great

  • david

    I live just south of st louis and this is GREAT 🙂


    does missouri or anywhere else for that matter need THAT many churches , oh wait its a tax dodge damn I keep forgetting that

  • vagodin

    I saw a FFRF sponsored Atheist billboard on my way to work this morning in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m not sure it will still be there tomorrow.

  • Kay, I think right by SLU is a good location, precisely because the message might be comforting for someone who feels isolated by their non-belief.

    I linked this to my parents (who live in St. Louis); my mom’s response: “Wow! We are lucky!” =)

  • mac

    About time, good to see the COR giving exposure to those who live meaningful ethical lives without dogma.

  • phoenix logos

    So good to see, I’m so glad I live in Australia although nowadays we have evangelical Americans turning up here trying to shove their christian new wage nonsense down our throats, in the past 10 years they have flocked here like flies onto a turd, along with all the muslims it’s really lowered the tone of the neighbourhood, this used to be such a secular country and now the religious pollution is really stinking the place out, glad I don’t live in Missouri, must be Misery, LMAO………….

  • Yay! Finally! I am an organizer of the atheist meetup group and have connections with the whole COR, so I am glad to finally see this go up. Whee!

  • littlejohn

    There surely must be an enterprising bookie out there who can set odds on how soon atheist billboards will be vandalized.
    I’d put 20 bucks on day five.

  • Thanks for covering our billboard! But to set the record straight, we do not think of it as being near SLU–we had two locations to choose from, and this was the one that had the most traffic to and from ballgames and such. I would not want anyone to think we were “addressing” SLU. Anywhere in St. Louis would have been near a traditional religious institution!

  • Rollingforest asks:

    Are there any of these billboards in Virginia?

    We’re working on that now. But it will still be awhile yet. As for other locations, keep in mind that the United States is a big country. So many highways, so little time!

    As for placing bets on the odds of vandalism, the actual number of incidents of that is quite low compared to the number of billboards that UnitedCoR and others have put up. So if I were a gambling man, my bets would always be on the billboard remaining unmolested during its full run. And I’d be rich.

  • Lore

    As an atheist slu student I feel I should say “THANK GOD”. This will make the drive home from my required theology class so much more entertaining and shall provide weeks of fun watching religiously sheltered students trying to figure out how to respond. XD

  • Paige

    As a SLU alum and atheist, I can say that I am very excited to see this billboard. I drive by the campus regularly on my way to work so I’ll be sure to check it out (it should make the morning commute a little entertaining). This should cause an uproar in the SLU community, if I know them at all. I never minded the theology classes, as I was able to speak freely and without punishment from professors. But I know that Fr. Biondi (the university president) will have a fit. I feel sad that I’m not still there to watch the fireworks.

  • Lore

    Paige: the theology classes are good when the teachers are good. For my theo 101 I had a great professor and he did not seem to mind dissenting opinions. For the class i am in now she wont even allow christians with different opinions to speak and there is a required prayer at the beginning of every class that I have been given dirty looks for not participating in.

    Fr. Biondi is definitely not going to be happy but no word yet. I’ll keep posting here if there is significant outcry for those of you interested.

  • Ellen Thomasson

    I like it, but the wording bothers me a little. I’m afraid it could get hi-jacked by the fundies because the “you are not alone” could be taken to mean some sort of spirit presence.

  • JimboB

    Awww man, and here I am going to UMSL… I’ll have to take a detour up I-64 and see it for myself 🙂

  • Stewmeat

    I second the fact that as a St. Louisian I couldn’t be more proud. The amount of religious propaganda we have to endure in this town is ridiculous. Nice to see a voice of reason for once.

  • I could not be happier that this billboard is up! It’s about time we Atheists take a stand! I’m so so tired of hearing that I’m destined to eternal damnation because of my lack of they’re “imaginary friend”. One sign doesn’t make up for the billion of pro- jesus signs that we have to see everyday, but it’s a great start! 🙂

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