A Kiss-In Protest September 13, 2010

A Kiss-In Protest

Ever since I first saw it, I thought this was a bold and clever way to respond to a campus preacher who rails against homosexuality:

But you don’t even need to do that.

The Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists at the University of Minnesota are aware that notorious Christian Brother Jed is coming to their campus. So they’re planning a Kiss-In

As a counter protest to the preacher Brother Jed, we want to get as many people as we can to share a kiss with their significant other. Our goal is to get many same-sex couples, but all couples are encouraged to partake in the event. We want to show Brother Jed and the rest of the campus that we don’t support the hatred he portrays and that all people deserve to be with the ones they love.

It’s a wonderful idea and it doesn’t have to be a raunchy/crazy/rated-R kiss to be effective.

The event occurs at Northrop Mall (on campus) on Thursday, September 16th at noon.

Someone take pics. Of Jed’s reactions, of course.

(Thanks to Robbie for the link!)

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  • John Locke

    r rated kiss?

  • Alex

    The United Church of Atheism has organized a protest with local groups for when Brother Jed visits the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire. Spread the word! http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=154876114538389&index=1

  • Gail

    Been there, done that! It’ll be great if they can get a lot of couples to come out and kiss all at once, though.

  • I will be there with my husband and our three young children in tow!

  • JulietEcho

    Yeah, unless you’re factoring in some sort of nudity or violence or something, I fail to see how you could have an R-rated kiss. Maybe Hemant knows something we don’t? 😉

    I love the idea of kiss-ins, and I’ve loved that picture ever since I first saw it last year.

  • Steve

    Sending my support from the UK, go for it!! Over here, he’d soon be given short shrift!

  • Penny

    Homosexuals AND sodomites? What’s the difference? Is Brother Jed promoting the former legal definition of sodomy that includes all nonprocreative sexual acts?

  • I won’t make it, on account of being three states away. But I am geeked this is happening, and double-geeked that Thursday is also my birthday. Best “coincidental scheduling I will nevertheless consider a birthday gift” EVER. 😀

  • JustSayin’

    This is what really terrifies the homophobes of this country, and it’s the impetus behind the various anti-gay campaigns, from DADT to marriage equality to ENDA: they’re terrified that if we finally have the law on our side, we’ll have the audacity to start doing filthy, perverted things like–gasp!–holding hands and–eek!–kissing in public (and not just in gay enclaves like Chelsea, the Castro, and West Hollywood). Small-town America is quaking in its boots at the very thought of this.

  • Roxane

    I love Minneapolis!

  • Don Rose

    That’s a great pic. What a perfect response.

  • Richard Wade

    What really terrifies the homophobes is two things: 1) They’ll lose one more group to whom they can openly feel superior, knocking out one more strut holding up their fragile, decrepit self esteem. 2) They’ll have to admit that their “god of love” is a hateful, unfair, double-binding tyrant who makes Zeus look like Mr. Rogers.

  • NewEnglandBob

    OFF TOPIC, but you are speaking at Harvard Sunday Sept. 19 and there are NO DETAILS on your upcoming events page.

    I want to see you speak but need details. PLEASE, Hemant.

  • keddaw

    I like this idea.

    As a straight guy I’d be willing to kiss another guy, straight or gay, (preferably not too cute…) as a protest against homophobic preachers or bigotry.

  • muggle

    Man, I so look forward to the coverage of this. I hope people do get photos of his reaction. It should be amusing as hell.

    I think the photo above should become as famous this one. Yes, it’s that great!

  • judashpriest

    fashion infraction….

    white socks in black shoes!!!

    that’s what you are going to hell for.

  • Dan

    As a gay guy I want to kiss you just for saying what you said.
    I hope I’m not too cute for you.

  • Ben

    Homosexuals AND sodomites? What’s the difference? Is Brother Jed promoting the former legal definition of sodomy that includes all nonprocreative sexual acts?

    Well, there are many homosexuals (particularly lesbians, but also some gay men) who aren’t sodomites, and there are plenty of straight people who are (or have tried it at some stage) … not to mention bisexuals.

  • Eliza

    Wait a minute – Where in the Bible does it say that “Obama voters” and “Democrats” need to repent, for hell awaits them (us)? Methinks Brother Jed is taking some liberties with the categories he lists on his sign. 🙁

  • Happy Buddhist

    Man, I’m bummed that we Buddhists are farther up the list than dirty dancers. I mean srsly? Have you SEEN that crappy movie?

  • Ex Partiot

    I will waiting to see pictures of this event, and I hope br.(jackass)jed gets his panties in a tight twist over it, as I despise people like him.

  • Valhar2000

    Penny wrote:

    Homosexuals AND sodomites? What’s the difference? Is Brother Jed promoting the former legal definition of sodomy that includes all nonprocreative sexual acts?

    Homosexuals are people who are sexually attracted to other people of the same sex as them, whereas sodomites are people who have anal sex. As you can see, they are very different things, regardless of how often they might appear together.

    Strangely enough, this is a distinction that fundies and wingnuts seldom make since, to them, homosexuality is identically equal to anal sex between two men, and they will only ever even acknowledge the existence lesbianism if they are forced to do so, so I wonder what Brother Jed himself thinks the difference between homosexuals and sodomites is.

  • Steve

    Sodomy also includes oral sex by some definitions.

    And even if we just count anal sex, by absolute numbers a lot more straight people engage in sodomy than gay men. A lot more…

  • dave

    Sounds like fun. I might join in. Who will be providing the person I’ll be kissing? Can I request a girl? 🙂

  • SuperShero

    That picture was taken during a prank at Yale!

  • Marie K.

    Too bad I missed it. Hooray for kissing! Kissing your partner seems to be a lot more productive and makes a lot more sense than most of the bible.

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